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Mario Kart: Super Circuit | Oh Yeah, That One - Scott The Woz

Scott takes a look back at the best/worst/only Mario Kart on the Game Boy Advance!Twitter: Used:"Multiplayer Waiting Room" from Mario Kart: Super Circuit"Menu" from Mario Kart: Super Circuit"Peach Circuit" from Mario Kart: Super Circuit"Cheese Land" from Mario Kart: Super Circuit"Bowser Castle" from Mario Kart: Super Circuit"Rainbow Road" from Mario Kart: Super Circuit"Shy Guy Beach" from Mario Kart: Super Circuit"Sunset Wilds" from Mario Kart: Super Circuit"Mario Circuit (SNES)" from Mario Kart: Super Circuit"Yoshi Desert" from Mario Kart: Super Circuit"Snow Land" from Mario Kart: Super Circuit"Ribbon Road" from Mario Kart: Super Circuit"Credits" from Mario Kart: Super Circuit"Breakout" from 3D Dot Game Heroes

Malt Gamilla

3:03 mr.beast wants to know your location

roman christopher

you didn't show the worst bit in thunderball


what if

N8 Corner

2:32 DON'T LOOK!!!!

jake jaison

THE panda is boss

The most difficult/troublesome symptoms are the psychotic symptoms, e.g. dissociation, derealism, paranoia, etc.

Tech Now

I think we can all agree that this is still one of the best DP videos of all time


Awesome edit. I NEED MORE GURU hahaha


Drake o melhor Rap Americano da atualidade👊🏻👏🏻


So whenever a homophobic person hates or says something about LGBT people, they get bashed for it. Whenever a LGBT hates or says something about homophobics, nothing happens. You guys need to chill just simply chill and stop with this unfairness (coming a literal LGBT). This girl in the video (fake or not) only said she didn’t support LGBT or maybe just even the idea of it, she wasn’t even hating on anyone. That doesn’t even make her a homophobic at all, it makes a person with a different opinion or view (religious or not). I’m like done with this generation already.


You should film Golden Tate next.He is on the New York Giants.


You Should Make DP HQ Stereotyes

Queen Moroka

I am 11 yrs

Lady Ruru

I heard your voice.



kamailang mulieh

High right now!!



Toc Mai

viet nam dau roi


Panda be Ballin :D


Award for not ending in 2012 LOL

Squishy Liam

But can you hit someone with a bow from 50 chunks away in Minecraft

Ming yu

wow I like it

Hey it’s Easy

Pet giraffe

Rossetta Miller

Who will see who is ready ght


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