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Tryhard S

Cowboys suck

yvonne konschelle

sorry NNICE

alo me

Q. Does a sociopath have the capability to recreate a psychopath? If not, what will lack?

Rex Neto

The editor is amazing and the camera guy

“Well then my dear Joy… SCREW IIIIIIIIT!”

Colton Johnston

That’s me I’m from Minnesota

The Gaming Guy

Angels rule

Christopher Martinez

The No sticker says ndi |

Kamatchi Chandran



I think I've seen this in the Brave movie 1:29 or at least it looks like it.

*Give me my Romeo; and, when he shall die,

Kawaii potato Bro yt



I really enjoy your videos, and it really sucks when your videos end.. please post more. LOVE YOU

David Torres

We are in summer vacation and i felt like we are in school again

Jared Morrow

Awesome who else noticed Cody wore a steph curry and a lebron Jersey

Heather Sanders

I think it’s probably easier for righties

Him: ur cheating REEEEEEEE

Islam Fabrics

is this real



Solid Mike P

KD was probably high on pain killers when he sent that out.

Tim Cecchini

Hopefully it's not just a money grab. Most Disney sequels feel like the producers just want to double dip on the same old stories.

Stacie Meier

For people who haven't found it. It is in the house where the woman is doing an art drawing and telling the police a description of Booker. Which isn't even close..lol The location is in a house by Skyline early in game.

Grilled cheese sandwich


Unknown Kitten Girl


Ренат Шамсутдинов


Adam Talha

i love dude perfect, they are awsome


Pause at 2:04 it says DJ Khaled on the empty seat on the right

Pam Fassler

This is how many times they used the fidget spinner. 👇🏾

We just going oh

Steven Universe

OOoOoooOoo, I aM aSlEEp, I shOulD shavE mY hEAd.

Dad: Fueda de mi quarto idiota

Cesar Bueno

Hahaha lmao



Salman Umar

Hello darkness my old friend4:45 🤣🤣🤣😂

Keaton Graber



check us out

Dead Bully Drug Smuggla

the one with the falcon and you have to push a button and fly threw that circle like thing that works with banshee too you can become a phantom 



Owen Kellett

Cricket trick shots plz plz 🏏


It seems like thermite is the first person view

Kat vlogs

There right about Advocate is hilarious I died my parents are questioning 😂


What's more annoying some waiter dropping chips all over you or your friends pranking you?I'm surprised Ty didn't rage when they pranked him

Zoe Sheveleva

Your son is wearing a BEANIE god damn😂


Even if she survived the crash , i don't think she can survive the amazond


I’m too scared to fit in


You guys inspired my friend and i

alexandra santana


Arhan Maker

Y would anyone dislike these awesome videos

Ashley Batke

Like my comment if you hate middle school

EarliestAphid 2

That fuckn music its too good 5:19


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