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Taher Saif, UIUCGEM4 Summer School 2012

It was stuffy, with only one air vent with only a cushion and teddy like toy.

rabbid dash

This is NOT AT ALL how gaming works! If you're THAT addicted to frickin FORTNITE, you have issues. Also, throughout this ENTIRE VIDEO, you made it out as if, "gAmiNG iS eViL!¡!¡" And I hate those people.


Do a little favor next time, ok? Use some punctuation, I've thumbed up your comment because I agree with it but it'd be easier to follow what you say if you used some punctuation. I'm just giving some advice, so next time you type such nice comment everyone fully understands, and no grammar nazis leap onto you :)

Sam Sauer


Just Jemma

”I’m Alice, I live in England and”-

Kory the Gay boi

clickbait much ?


Itz Mae

I m not being me im wi llbe my self now thack you your video are beutiful thanck you so much

tiktok legend69

4:57 look at cory's muscles on left hand nice work you have there core

Classy Miss Berry


I’m mr accessory

ALL IN ONE !!!!!

Next sport should be hockey


Well that first one was fucking creepy


You guys should make a school stereotypes video


not suprised all the trump supporters bonded in the comment section lmao

Yvette Nation

you should add a trampaline


my boyfriend is an anxious and i'm a mix between an anxious and a secure. he has been so much better since we started dating. i love him so much <3

Johann rubi



i went through a short period of time where i thought dying would have no effect on anything if it happened to me but i was sitting in my room holding my breath because i wanted to pass out or experience a near death experience and i passed out for like 7 seconds and i woke up and immediately regretted but its not the dying part that made me regret it, since im the youngest of my whole family, i will most likely be the last to die, and if i died first, my family would all be deeply hurt, and i would see them from where ever i go and not be able to sit with them and hold them and tell them that everything will be alright. now that my uncle is sick, his heart stopped (he is alive still) and it was for his cancer treatment and its super hard on him, and every time i see him i see the fear in his eyes because he isnt ready to not be able to hold us and be with us, you see, his fear is not dying, its not the pain, its his family, the family he loves and has been so good to for his whole life, he is the most caring person i have ever met in my life, but if i had taken my life, or hurt myself, he would have been broken, my mother my father my whole family. i dont know if i could ever love myself or forgive myself if i left them.

kronikal TV

last one made me laugh so hard good job man

Your Average Eugene

Dude perfect does not have a single video with less then 1 million views !?

Isaac Gardner

The way sound works, is that sound waves travel through air, hits our eardrums at a certain frequency. There is no air in space therefore there is sound, but it can’t travel anywhere. You can not here anything in space.

Ginger Joe

I assure you that easter egg, however difficult it is to pull off, is not fake

Chronow 1

2019 anyone???

Wafflez Senpai

Well...I’ve seen punishment, the Usual kinda corporal punishment. However, this is too far

kimberly kingsleigh

how you guys manage to throw that ball and hits the perfect target ? damn i envy you guys


In all respect, I'd feel pretty worthless if someone went to wash their hands after being near me or accidentally touching me.


Fallen Star

You waking up after giving birth to the Child


pc mods


at max payne 3...have standing skeleton there 2:37

Art Loft

This guys screaming like child


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