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Mendel Gurevitz - A Story of OCD and Unnecessary Courage

Hear Mendel tell his story for the very first time about living with debilitating OCD, "the unnecessary courage" it took for him to confront his illness and the profound lessons he learned. A courageous and stigma-shattering talk!

itsa me

Rage monster always has a bowling ball


A slow version of the force unleashed with no reward for exploration... fun...

Max Kingston


VaBa Boom

Why are the bears a Easteregg?

Rekha Bahety

World s largest sling shot


Marco won

Battle Bros16

Pandas got handles

Matheus Castro

Why must you do this to us? Why Nintendo? At least, please, don't make Zelda a playable character. I still want to have a normal life outside of Breath of the Wild. I didn't know what to write

Kyada Simons

omg please go to london

Luke Butler

There's also a sword you can find/craft, called Longclaw. It looks similar to Jon Snows sword in Game of Thrones with the same name.

Nick Rosenberg

you guys are the best

Jouke Jan Kuipers

Everyone: ditto

Lil Dwight

The moment you realise that DP has twice subs than NBA.


can you please put more stereotypes. So many people are asking you

Best Movie Clips

I literally crying. Who wants to join me?

J. Cipher

06:42 Halo's BFG XD


Oh sly 2, how i miss you

Carlie Smith

"Cancer are for people who are like 50" what?😂


A ton of these secrets are really out of the way, so how do you know where and what to look for?


The dirty hoe part is actually a tool

Dennis McKim

why do they choose the most gay music they can find for these videos.


I loved Taylor's signature dunk

penguin 4205

This was my first dude perfect video.

Lily Ka's Vegan garden

I was not ready 😳

Akira Official

This happened to me

Trevor Bing

cried when i first heard this

Samarth Gupta

School stereotypes.....Plzzzz🙏🙏🙏

Trey FN

Zeke was lit

Gabriel Costa

Oi salve para o Brasil


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