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Michael Pollan: Magic mushrooms and LSD could help solve mental health crisis | ITV News

Could psychedelics cure an anxious mind? Author and journalist Michael Pollan thinks so. He spoke to ITV News Science Editor Tom Clarke about his bestseller ‘How to Change Your Mind: The New Science of Psychedelics’.For his research Pollan, 63, who recently appeared in Netflix series Cooked, personally took psychedelic drugs such as LSD and even the smoked venom of the Sonoran Desert Toad which is hallucinogenic.• Subscribe to ITV News on YouTube: • Get breaking news and more stories at ITV News on Facebook: Follow ITV News on Twitter: Follow ITV News on Instagram:

Laura But

1 like= 9999999999999 slaps for that boyfriend


Hi my name is Jeffrey and I have magic powers

Stephen Gilstrap

Lmao fuck Kellerman


Jayaram B


tez b

not impressed untill you do it from the burj dubai

So I was not happy

Rubras Van Oost

Team coby


Reads title : sounds fake but okay

Sparkyyoo Wolf

God bless

Pam Gramster

Pretty big eggsplotion

Jeddy Bear

Please don't lie to your psychiatrist. I did that for awhile until my friend gave me a mental slap in the face reminding me that my psychiatrist was there to help me and I shouldn't lie to her.

Jessica Bekou

2018 anyone?😂

Mrs Mitchi

Am I the only one who wants to sit with Ateez and some friends on the beach, listening to their album. Partying and just having fun like there is no tommorrow?

Jett Jones

Ovo ting

Aruel Voster

1:43 😂

Cycs Kris Hutchings

Team cory

The forgets everything.

CoolRacoon63 Wild

I’m so sorry for you. I have species dysphoria. It’s a disorder to. It’s not deadly tho!

Denis Wasylyev

Где лица персонажей с кино? Так не интересно...

Lane Farmer

Wow I started to think this was Fake once I saw the ball start to curve or it was the camera angle

Literally moves in with the man that sexually assaulted her as a child.

death by 5hp

Already easter eggs


I feel really sorry for Mike, but i also have a complaint of the video....the hair should be pink

Malak Star

You are sich a good person

toon christiaensen


Hunter Mundy

R.I.P Old Guy


what shotgun was he using in the borderlands 2 minecraft reference?

Devanplayz Garcia

I know it was chekers

Mazharul Islam

5:47 best moment hand down

this is because "Picaboo" was snapchat's original name


I thought you were mute. JK

Luciano Alonso

Captain Hook stereotyping is referencing that episode of Spongebob when Mr. Krabs takes Spongebob and Squidward on that fishing trip


Wyatt Tverstol

Are you sure at 0:07 Garret’s ball hit the crossbar


Wait wait wait wait. Rachel is part of the staff now??? WTF!!!!!

Aiden Skogen

Is johnny a qb

A normal Guy

Everybody: OMG! The Water Animation looks so amazing!Moana: Am i a joke to you?

Reuben Mahal

I do wrestling in Birmingham

sina meißner

I was so confused at the beginning


She should tell somebody about where Mia is.

Aaron Agans


TehRedWings Bro

the first one is a message from donte the demon killer


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