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Mitral valve repair outcomes using the PASCAL repair system – EuroPCR 2019

Mitral valve repair is a fast moving field in interventional cardiology. Join Jörg Hausleiter and Ralph Stephan von Bardeleben as they talk to Volker Rudolph about the PASCAL transcatheter valve repair system, which has recently been granted a CE mark. Find out the key features that differentiate this device from others and which patients are likely to benefit from its use. Learn about the first data from the CLASP study in terms of its efficacy and safety, as well as reported clinical outcomes for patients with mitral regurgitation...The content of this video was filmed at #EuroPCR 2019, see more videos here:

Marina Schroeder

Nice work


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sonti borua

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Galaxy Warrior k8388

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then makes notes, that way you wont forget the next time you do one of these again.

Dusk Desolatr44

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Zane Newham


Honking Majesty

Tall guy

Alvin Paige

Booker kimble shut the fuck up and mind your own business bitch spoiler alert l was guessing


Loved the music. Great video!


Go to Iceland next!!!❄️❄️❄️


The last one 😂

Hector ramirez

Man I wish they would put a spider man Easter egg

ME: NOOOOOOOOOOO hides under blankets

shelbster The Høly Øne

The most unexpected twist I've seen all day

Max Wiesel

make a music video

ok then


Yeah, I felt really bad

Cyrisse Owusu

What about a surrogate mother

Jac Davies


Caden Nelson Vlogs

If it was baseball edition don't use basketballs


Is This Possible For PS3?

Blazing Nova

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Bl3h Walker

I had the same story, but I was the one like Mary :(.

Jackson H

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Ethan Spotts

I thougt you killed tannis at 3:29


Ahhh a timeless classic... Who’s watching in 2019 🎣😏

Forsaken Chief

Wendy's wins 😁

Madeleine F

Tyler with a moustache tho


They throw their controller when the go in the water

Kirkland Whatley

Quit mentioning the beard.

Reina Lyne Merin

His gloves annoys me

Ryu Joy

Very nice vidéo Guru like all the time. Don't listen people that say "There is too much easter eggs from this game" Etc... ! They don't know that the work you do take a lot of time ! Thank you again for your amazing work ! 

Horror Gamer

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Christopher Thorburn

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Victor Riwa

Good performance but Still gsw gonna lose the series

“Let’s see what you got G”


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