Aha development

Modernization Model & It's Critics

A brief discussion of Rostow's Modernization Model and some of the major criticisms of the model.

jen c

No, I don’t have anything. (Hopefully) but everyday whenever I walk at school, there’s pink tiles, in pattern, I always have to avoid tiles next to it and I have this horrible, horrible fear that something is going to happen. Or whenever I pass by that one tile in school which isn’t aligned, I get mildly frustrated, but It’s just a habit and I hope to pass it.

Fielder Wells

It kinda sounded like Cody was jealous of Tyler being the leader of the show

Relasting Edits



forest withaker, keanu reeves, norman reedus wtf holy shit gaming industries are overtaking movie industries XD

The one that knows Suzan

I love the art

G O 18 Maldonado

More of braking the cup's on Cory'shead


Нихуя не понел, но очень интересно!

Malik Dotson

@deathyou9000 and lost

Anne Robinson

R.I.P tree

Kawaii Koliflower

Why am I early

Baby Will

Or cedar pount

lit fam

I hate the guy with the frisbee he is weird looking

Daap X


Ninja FTS

Old Office Edition? too soon

Bob Bon

Who is the boy in this video



Merp Derp

Schools in Albany Oregon don’t really have this problem so........ yeah

Gacha lunar Studios

My sister is bipolar she is the 2nd one and she has a huge addictive personality you probably can picture it =\

The Talking Table


dcxn gaming

3026 ?

Audo and ChuckleNuts

Had a feeling you’d make this video

Tắc Gaming

Tôi là người bạn đang tìm kiếm 😃🙄🙄🙄🙄😜😎

human beings

i have the symtoms too but i think mine is puberty

Orhan K

I came down here to read the ''The gnome from the Left 4 Dead Portal easter egg'' I am dissapointed.

Arisha Ahmed

I have cancer too, but when I started losing my hair, I didn’t really care. It was gut wrenching nausea and pain I was going through. I’m grateful to be here now, but I’m still doing treatment. My hair has grown back to a pixie length.

RainbowDLP 73

0:55 Every guy at my school : “ nO iM grOWinG mY muStAchE”


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