Aha development

Module 9: Supporting People with Intellectual Disabilities and Dementia

Module 9 – Supporting People with Intellectual Disabilities and Dementia

Purple ivy

The reason I'm not scared of death is because I'm depressed.

John Nowakowski

Curry's a class act, as are the Warriors. Prayers for KD...

Fishing with Leyton

Why was this just now recommended to me

Silver Colossus

Dude why did you say English please.I mean thats English so whats the point.And i just forgot the point and probably spent one minute reading

Epxc dragon

I can’t do this anymore!

Mihalis Dodas


Dragon - NP

Very great


messi or Ronaldo or naymar


Rin Shimada

It always kills me seeing people saying you have to shoot the pipes in Gears 3. You literally just have to stand there.

literally tells about her life


You missed the Darth Vader and the Bounty Hunters reference on the Ziost Shadow's command deck in SW:TOR :D

Hannah Magno

I am 14. I failed at becoming anorxia 3 times. I nearly self harmed. Fail 5 time because my blade was too dull so i gave up.

Eva Herrera

Their due date has to be around February or janurary


on the first one its the bus driver on transit as a zombie


It looks really bad. Pass.

Savanna Collins

please make videos for all of your dogs!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️ would love it and make my summer

ZoMb_ lock


•Gacha Ania•

im from philippines😂😀😊

Tumbling Monkeys

The way you edit your videos is so relaxing. Keep up the great work in 2018!!!!


Really cool

G r a y

In Public Bathrooms I Wouldn't Want To Hold The Handles In The Bathroom Stall And I Wouldn't Hold The Flush I'd Use My Foot To Flush...Is That Considered OCD???


This means all disney movies are all on the same universe

Evie Norgate

Wow you are so cool

William Ford

Jack stillingsame in Canada

Greed Retard

woahaha jonnathana whick!@~@!@

Isaac Hankins

Was awesome

jesters nightmar

no life basketball virgins

BradyBG 73

3:24 who said “ Go home you idiot” to Coby?


I think I found an easter egg but I'm not sure


Deshaun Watson

Its just fuckin movies, go home you damn femis

McMillian Gabriel


- having people come up to us in a restaurant and telling us "there's children about!" because we held hands.

Panju Varnam

She is a great tennis player

Who's with me

Faiqa Raza

She should've apologized to her friend for not listening to her, "what are you doing here".....rude.....and also that Bee girl seems like she just wants to use her. Ik I'm being critical, but I'm just saying

Miguel Salazar


Some Guy

I never thought I would have to dislike a Dude Perfect video

Danny’s soccer world



So I had to complete the campaign four times to record this video, so 100 Likes would be very much appreciated. This game is AMAZING and although it was disappointing that it doesn't have that many good Easter Eggs, it was a fun video to make. Thanks for Watching ♥

e d g y l o r d

I think they are looking for their parents.

Plush Giraffe

what's the point of making a second part of Frozen ? Do u see any princess movie making a part 2?! Smh....I miss Cinderella. 😭🙌

• jasmine •

You are beautiful get up and show your beauty

Pak Skaters

Definitely nope!!

Chloe Debly

u like Ethan

Alan Torres

Gar's hair 🤢


Guru, you forgot the Gwent Nilfgardian archer playing card. 

Henry Windsor Rurikovich

That's high 🔥 congrats many of the band of singers cannot keep long years of Fame .One decade , cheers.


Mini cannon is cool, I have one, tho it is a different one

Kethely Da Silva


Darylle Animations With brylee

Okey lng met time today I

Mandy Elliott

add Zombie Go Boom to your Channel


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