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Mohammed bin Salman LifeStyle 2018

Crown Prince mohammed bin salman Lifestyle,Girlfriend,Cars,Net Worth,House,Education,Biography 2018Track:Different Heaven & EH!DE - My Heart [NCS Release]Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds.Watch:

It's NATO.


Whats about infinity war? Will you make something about it?

Senyoni Sebukire



Great Video as always. I really enjoy your easter egg videos and they are very well edited. :)

Guzzi Koo

So sad......

Kamden Thompson

Ok so I’m Hispanic so I’m Mexican and I speak a ton if Spanish I even took Spanish class at school and had an a every year I took the class 100% every year in high school and I feel like the first few band they choose were Hispanic names


caut a lot of reefs

Yolanda Cuevas

I fill you


you lick the fish

A Toaster

Well i like the guns and story it has atleast a good story

Rain drops

when she reaches seoul

Montanari Davide

I love You asher You are beautiful And so cute ♥

Sarah Perea

Tati 💜💜💜


Where’s the rainbow six battle royale


3:16 through 5:49 😆😆😂😂🤣🤣

Freddie Mercury 247

I'm so sorry your brother touched you my cousin did 😪

Zane Lazar


Rad Winning

At 1:26 coby says “ aren’t baseball supposed to go farther than tennis balls” the he misses


The Halo reach one on 6:00 , when you're flying in a banshee, it will turn into a phantom.


When the ball went through the truck at first I flinched

John-Kacey Ferreira-Sala

Because guess what I can

zuhair gamingXD

Did cory say jo instead of go at the end

Luke Andrew Wedmann

You should next do obj or Tom brady

Olivia van Selm

garrett rocket

Old Profile

00:10   zelda ocarina of time retextured

Tanya L

I can't really wait for this to come out!! Omg!! 😭😭😭💜

Josh O’Leary

This feels slightly darker than the original...

Eirik Larsen

Can you make a big Japanese pancake

Char Hazard

I got struck by lighting on Breath Of the Wild and boy was I lucky that I had my thunder helm on


i'm a vegetarian :/

Jøhnnie bøii

That lex Luther comic Easter egg is brilliant 👌🏼

Akmal Majid

Squall is dead

Alayne Gilbert

This is the wholesome Marbles content I signed up for

Jen Barone

How the frik do you hid a baby. You must be a maniac

Mr no goggles

kimberly gage

Chicago Bears


i honestly hate anything dubbed, for me the original voices do have the emotion of the character, while i feel like dubbed versions have the emotion of original voice actor but not the actual character, and i have tried so many languages dubbed but i honestly cant do it, i just really need to have the original voices. For example, when i saw sekiro with english dubbed , i thought the game was trash, but then in japanese it felt like a whole other experience and emotion and there was just something else to it.


This cant be real couse he would need a million balls to shot repeatly . If they would keep bringing him the ball after the miss that would take way too much time . This is fake and almoust impossible to do .

Lilu Dempsey

And instagram is my favourite app 2

Pokemon Trainer Lily

From my first year at school at the age of 5, I was always bullied. I was a target because I was a doormat and didn't know how to defend myself. I was isolated, alone and depressed. I never told anyone, not one person. Because the bullying was so bad that I had developed severe trust issues and social anxiety. From third grade, I started realising how sad I was. And I didn't even know why. I cried out to my parents saying, I can't do this anymore, everything I feel is pain, but they just brushed it off and said I was just being grumpy. When I was 10, my home life started to get bad. My family started to have heated arguments every day, they would shout, scream and throw things. I was so alone at this point that I started to become suicidal. Then my parents divorced when I was 11, and I felt like my whole world had crumbled apart. My depression got so bad I started to have eating problems. I lost all of my self esteem and was still being bullied. This was the point I started becoming aware of my depression. At this point, my mother's anger issues had gotten worse due to the divorce and I was now being verbally abused at home. My mum and my sister would scream and throw things at each other. They were so angry that they didn't realise I was cutting myself and ready to jump off a roof. At this point, I wasn't being bullied as much, but I was so depressed I could barely speak. And then I would occasionally hallucinate. I wasn't even there anymore. I had been driven crazy by the demons that had been plaguing me my whole life. I turned 12, and a couple of months later, a group of girls in my class reached out to me. They built me back up and put me back on my feet again. Just by being there for me.





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