Aha development

MorphoJ Tutorial 2 - 4ED3 (Evolutionary Developmental Biology)

This covers:Performing Procrustes SuperimpositionExamining the raw data for outliers (and swapped landmarks)Setting up wireframes and outlines to aid visualization.

Freaky Four

I’m the creepy guy in the corner gnawing on a pickle. Lol

Alessa Dolan

it looks like she hates Jane lmao 😂

golem gaming

What? Is mist a drug in the Future and this is a commercial to be like "don't do drugs, that stuff"

Eu Sou o Arvore



you should do a bunjee jump shot or dunk


As much as I loved the Super Robo Turkey Puncher egg, I'm sad that they didn't add the audio from Doom 3. It would've been great to hear "Super Robo Turkey Puncher, 3!!!!" just out of the blue

/( )\📱

Annika Peachy

I would kill myself if I had that much pain

Olivia Fredericksen

they probably would have won if spiderman was there.

daniel kumar

i want to see the all dances in light and dark


Thats a mental hospital? LEMME JUST STAB ME SELf

Mary Fitzgerald

Hi guys I'm watching you guys


I hate this girl :/

Dudley Morton

Check out Bruh Flawless for worlds longest "nothing but net" shot! Awesome!

Tanya Azzan

The most fun part was when they where on the scoter rhid


The "I'm just gonna sit this hole up out guy, mark me down for a 4 guy" is definitely a stereotype

Talks And Toons

I would usually bait for likes along the lines of " this is how many people pray for her" but when I watched the entire video this is too sad to bait with, this is really serious, I feel bad for you

Hyrule Citzen

Ella? What a beautiful name miss what a beautiful beautiful name

Chained Panda

Thousand foot krutch!

J. Aaron

that was pretty banana insane !!!!

Like want part two

James A

Under one minute and 30k views wow

Royer Delgado


Peyton Armstrong

2019 Febuary


At 1:28 Pedo Bear.

Immortal Natives

Dude I love that Mos Def song!


2:40 that guy looks a lot like Fabregas from Arsenal

50,000 subscribers with no videos

I’m in shape....

Caleb Olson

Subway, pulled pork with a little bit of ham, white bread


1:06 but Nuka Cola is also a real thing now and they make different kinds of cola and even black ops zombies perk colas.

Mary Gorham-Rowan

The lamp one, for the hovercup


Great video! If you want you can check out my channel and see if you like anything there!


the moment i saw the miltary and the traditional girl dress i knew it was kim jong un lol


This guy actually said "shit I thought it was 9/11"

Harshy Marshy

yeeeeessssss, whaaaatt! O MY GOD!!!!! haha

MultiFandom Weirdo

I hate it when things are stereotyped like this!

Doryvan Sant´nna



I cant even throw that far...

fbe: gucci gang

Waseema Zeenath

My highest score is 99



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