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Mortal Kombat 11 - Best References and Callbacks

Mortal Kombat 11 pays homage to not only its past games but the cult classic movie and other pop culture. We've rounded up our favorite references and Easter eggs we've found so far.

bharath chandran

The best series evaaaa!!🙌🙌💕💕

Dark Meg

I know which state they are 20 likes to tell you

Di3g0 •

anyone watching in 2016


No I know that. What does it mean? Is it just a random thing?

Creep :you*

Nkosinomusa Mbuyisa

The way Im crying

Anna Quero

leap of faith means jump into the nothing,


Dhirendra Vyas

toss and slam was my fav


How long until it collapses into it's own foot print?



Jack Murray

I think go you should do airplane stereotypes

Denial Number 4

I see Jim and Pam I click!


i swear the big voices with the Swedish accents sound just like nick swardson off of the movie just go with it

Dat Dude

Time for another fantastic episode of Here's Da Thang Skiup


best gun yet!

Stefan merkury

Tara?? You a tara? Go back to brawl stars 😉 (i'm a russian)

Bp378 #yournan

Good vid really enjoyed it 👤 PS what country are you from

BluPhoenix Films

Hey guys!

Tuanku Abdul RahmANJING Babi


Nicolás Salinas

En primer tiro tyler metio con la mano el freeby

Tanmay Jain

Upload a vedio of pubg pls

Jason T

0:31 7.8/10 too much water


Uploaded in my birthday <3


Camping Stereotypes

Victoria Diana Nielsen 5B Kildedamsskolen, afdeling Tølløse

Girl, your beautiful when your yourself.

EtheBeast 37

Love how he stops in the middle of rage monster and corrects the Nativity.

Paul Donot

Both dresses were blue an black 😂

The Imposter

Guillermo needs to go to the NHL media day it would be sick

Genevieve Craig

So how much is the jawbreaker makeup bag?

Jacob Blackwood

They played in a baseball stadium

Jack Thompson

Go curry


10:16 goodnight sweet prince

Alexander Dunnill

did anybody notice the blood on the guys pants when he was holding the sailfish

Mouhamed chichou

face cam


In map arkaden in burger place there is window to ovens go on tabels and watch left side of thir room tedy

Imaginary Kid: FrEsH AvOcAdO!

Anthony Pineda

i am so sad

Gabster’s Channel

I have asthma but it is not very severe. I will never smoke after this


who is pnda

ninjaspike 12316




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