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Muktii- Channel I - Mati O Manush Part 2

The works of AK Quazi and the Muktii Project are covered in a documentary produced by Shaik Shiraz of Channel I. This was first broadcasted in July 2009

King Cola

roblox kid screaming

Châu Thái

France win world cup

Thomas Jeff

3:06 😝😋😙😙😝

Shane Cole

I want to be part of the perfect team but I'm probably never am

Knotty Bow

Considering the division takes place in New York, I expecter there to be a Daredevil easter egg

Or is it just memes?

Tracy Seng

In forth grade I was worse than the football player I had two games in one day and fouled out in bothNow I’m a little less than the football player


Sunshine Mona Lisa

I'm pansexual

Raster 238

Yo guru I know you're done with battlefield 4 but in your next unused Easter eggs vid there's an Easter egg that has two of the battlefield friends arguing just a heads up :)

Lucas Snowball_Cathug

I like your voice so why not speak more?

Casey Bennett


Catfish Kingdom

#yiayjob Erin controls your every move in a secret basement in area 51

Matteo Bolender


Mitchell Rossman

0:45, now that's what I call a sky hook


Real life aimbot


That transition from Matilda and into The Princess Bride was the epitome of calm childhood memories.. with a laugh snuck in there. The muting was too good.

Nate McKenzie

escalator king


해덕으로서 무조건 좋아요 누르고 갑니다... 아 진짜 좋다..♥♥ Thank you...♥♥♥

The pimp 123

The first Easter egg didn't make sense

E7 Retro

Should've ran the ball

maria mendez

Ty jr

Chloé Belle Myrick

I have Tracheomalacia laryngomalacia. I was a preemie so my air ways never fully developed. I had upper air way surgery to remove scar tissue back in October of 2016. I always knew to stay away from cats and humidity and wear a scarf around my mouth and nose when it was cold, but I never took it all seriously until I watched this video. Your sister is watching over you! Good luck, your strong

Their interaction is so adorable<3

Diamond waffle Gamer


lemøn lime

i seriously hope you continue theses, ive been rewatching the first two non stop cause i love them so much 💕


1000 views for like 20 bucks... thats an old record,,

This guy is Mr skeleton from steam

I like ponyo like I watch it 25 time and I’m not bored

ultra instinct alex

why is bullying censored?

White Raven

This is what I call TRY NOT TO CRY.

This dog looks like dog from Creepypasta...

But I didn’t do anything out of fear of being in trouble.

Strange Person

looks gay

abhishek george sabu

You're super guys!!!Love u 5

TSC Jordan playz

Panda subscribe

Zleepy Koala

I’v never compared myself to others.


Burn Khalifah guys

Dannyboy 43

Severely disappointed you didn't put mash potato above the steak !!!😡😡😡

Livia Mortensen

Thats. A. Looottttttt. Of. Money.

Gabe Swervo

Gotta love Jake Baldino

LaQuanda Carpenter

My favorite Dissey fail was Garrett and the bat and ball.

Lingaraja Shetty K R

Next we want electric bike drag races

King Kivi

5:42 sHe GoNnA gEt HiT

Emma: nah I think you woulda bullied me.


I. Can’t. Stop. Watching. DP.

Come to my channel and earn a lot

This video is just super

Hunter Bivins

You now have to do part 2 with the 🐐 roger Federer!


Nipple ring Max!

Liam Pynn

Panda on one shot got hit in the face 5 times

Heather Keener

Coby will win a second battle

Tenessee Te Purei

Faze RuG:The bryans with the I'd are just where.


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