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New Mechanisms Elicited with Ketamine in Treatment-Resistant Depression

Ronald S. Duman, PhD, Elizabeth Mears and House Jameson Professor of Psychiatry and professor of neurobiology and of pharmacology at Yale School of Medicine, discusses advances in the treatment of depression. (April 2011)

King Nard

I get its power itself already but can I play powerful pc games on it now 🤷🏽‍♂️

Sammie Ajaeb

Cristiano Ronaldo


Brendan Mathieu

I'm either the PGA rule enforcer or the rage monster, I was playing mini golf and my gandma got a hole in one. I threw my club and said "I'm not playing no more.

Douglas Nair

guys u all should go for Cristiano Ronaldo..

Puppet Masters

TYS tim duncan

Akbar Khan

Dude perfect is the best

Angelica Hale music

Anyone Before 1 million

TommyBoi 123

Football not soccer. Especially if you’re doing it with football players

Ana Gheorghiu

All these "parents" are worth being burned

Nat Nat

HOW DARE U!!!!!!!!!!! Calling urself ugly!! It doesn't matter wut u look like, I mostly care if a person is nice not wut they look like! I think everyone is beautiful the way u are, and I'm glad u didn't mention "Make-up" in this vid, otherwise ur "making- up" ur look, and covering up the way that God made u. Anyways.......like I said, sure people would stare at you but let them stare, let them "look" at ur face, and not actually see how nice, or kind, or (how lovely u sound" (Srry I love ur voice, mine is very...very...very.....um.....dark..and I'm a girl..) ANYWAYS.......Ur bootiful!


In Fucking Bed


Yeah, I'm kind of in love with your videos so :/



Brandy Nissley

get jj watt in a vidoe

Cameron May

Boo Garett

i mean i did too but ya know

Marquis Gomez

@pimphole1 There sponsored by the company of that rim I would think. There already sponsored by gmc and that NCAA Texas team

plz like my comment.. anyone.. okay just me then... well i'm a loner ;-;

Devex Mayhem

they just wow me

Can't beat the classic!

Lego Gaming

Im still waiting for the real movie

luke zarko

Do this again

amy novotny

i think there was a duck in the car at about 2:00 APRIL FOOLS😀😀😀😁😁😁




Of all the time I played zombies I never knew the teddy bear moved it's head ๏_๏

Brenda Araújo

I'm from Brazil

aaron cabral

So you made a company that treats employes like slaves and destroys business,

Archie C

holy crap iv been away from this channel form a few months and coming back now the production has improved like crazy. Good job Guru

Celerino Gonzalez

Mad TV stereotypes.

Junior mvp

Scooby snacks

Payton Heleine

Guru, I've said it before and I'll say it again, I love your videos. Masterpieces.

are they for depressed people (dOnT aSk wHy iM aSkInG tHiS)

Jason Foley

You can also get this map with the season pass. Just confirmed it today

My Mom Has Pre-Cancer,

Baiju Nandanam

Anyone in 2019 may

Finn Bainbridge

That trophy looks like a dick

life_gurl 827


Shailan Patel

You suck guys

yoongi's 30000 won neck pillow

Voldemort a whole asmr artist


yo, gotta say, pretty cool of you to warn us about the jump scares.

Michelle Sithole

We all thought we were ugly cz of our high school

Flynn Whitehouse


kiernan mccleerey

infinite warfare?

Jocelyn Schliehake

Grate job at being a big sister

Camilo Gomez

But the greninjas and torterra are also genetic experiments

Emily Erickson

I always loved the Fantastic Beasts scene because it felt like being in your relatives’ house while they’re getting late night dinner ready and you’ve been out and about all day. So cozy.

Anurag Srivastava

Cory cory cory I love cory becoz I am a boy. 😀😀😀


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