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Nuqta e Nazar with Mujeeb Ur Rehman Shami & Ajmal Jami | 19 June 2019 | Dunya News

Nuqta e Nazar with Mujeeb Ur Rehman Shami & Ajmal Jami | 19 June 2019 | Dunya NewsDunya News is the famous and one of the most credible news channels of Pakistan. Watch latest National, International, Sports, Entertainment and Crime News, and talk shows on current affairs and entertainment.SUBSCRIBE to DunyaNews Channel:e haal:Raat:

Francisco Robinzon Ramírez


Nico Kobiyashi

Lol I only got that Ann was her anxiety at 56 seconds.

I dare you to say my name five times

austin aspaas


Kpop plus Yaoi

Is it just me or does Niomi look like Tessa Thompson?


Angel Szeto

I rang the bell! ❤️❤️❤️ love you Tati



nick crimten

Huh can't believe it's still uploading

Tanish Patney

2:18 in softball you are not supposed to touch home plate or you are out

Potężny Warmianin

1:47- 15dmg, Mozambique as its best....


All Xbox cares about is games? I'm sorry what games?


@FunnyFame223Of course it's a lucky shot. No creature in the universe (except cyborgs) can do that with PURE skills.

Susan Metcalfe

no im in 2199

Quinton Duemo

1:41 1:45 lol

John Edwards


jr diaz

the cake is a lie

ItzWolfy 101

Dogs: WoofCats: Meow: DP: YEAHHHH

GherinRuleseverythin one night at Gherin's Castle

I have the fear of both death and immortality, because if I was immortal, my family would die but Id still be waiting for my turn, but it wouldnt happen and I'd never see them again

Diego Garcia Rendon

My favorite song already!!

dont know what to right LOL

Im an introvert and i agree with every thing. As an inintrovert i am so like this

MrChair567 XD

I got a little scared when the cats came on

Ivan jovi

Why not remake?

Sharib Kabani

this has 9 million views and they also have 9 million subs! lol


"a little piece of me died"


Ive been watching this everyday since it came out

I hear yelling.. Even when they're not mad. My mom has made me cry before... And didn't even know I did. Want

Kara Melrose

After 6 months later your dead⁉️


I'm from China to☺

Tyson Gough


Random Thingz

I love the DP game

Supersonic Diesel

What Indian snack did you say? I haven’t heard of any Indian snack that’s anything like this. Please don’t bullshit your audience

I'm 11 and already at IQ for a small job Assuming they started development in 2017 we can probably expect a 2020 release date if not a 2021.

Lily Marshall

I had sepsis and ostomiolitis which are infections and sepsis kills you within a day if you don’t get antibiotics and ostomiolitis is a bone infection and I was in hospital for 3 weeks and learned how to walk again and when I called 111 they said oh just take a bath!!!! I'M WEIRD

Longing fantasy Channel

What happen if you cook a egg with molten metal when you pour it on

Chris Siix

Whats the point of the phone booth thing

Bailey Denton

Like for beach trick shots!

I'm The Best

Someone laugh like cat in the hat

Zachary C

bully 2... yes please

Andrew Mouser

Anyone 2018

elcid balajadia

My favorite is panda ambush

Alex Stănescu

Coby's first won


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