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Joel Osteen - Miracles In Your Mouth

In this message, Joel reminds you that God has given you a weapon—your words. Words are powerful when they align with the truth of what God says about us. Get in agreement with God!This is message #790, "Miracles In Your Mouth", by Joel Osteen.For more inspirational messages, visit

Baptiste Poquet

The last easter egg ist just fucking awesome ! :D

Braxton Faulkner


PS community: Aahhh shit here we go again

Citra Amelia

lego marvel super heroes 2 : 4k edition

Elijah Owens

Um...Anyone notice the toilrt guy looks like the ice guy from the Incredibles?


I got Exo's wolves but you still Got no jams

oh no ..I can't ....I can't see my parents in's too much hard to recover from depression....what I do..silence is better...


Dat outro


Nic Leach

repping schoolboy q and Tyler the Creator 👌


Good guy youtuber, warns you of jumpscares, here take my thumbs up


This video makes me realize how bad in a position I am. I let a guy treated me as bad as her and I did not say a word; I knew I wouldn't have let anyone do this to me in the past but my self esteem has plunged over the years. It's sad how things can happen

Zaid Montes


Foxy Loxy 666


M Gamble

*Beep *Beep *Beep *Beep

Supriya Sharma

This is Totally my story

karan bhasin

5:43-5:44. 1 pin left standing

stupid name

anyone gonna talk about how derped out the art is lmao


I think Mario siluete can be seen with Prawn

Sam Townley-Evans

Iron mans dead

Tristan Pax Holcomb

Garret for sure


I dream of a game like this that is ENTIRELY easter eggs. You would have a massive open world filled with secrets and mysteries everywhere for you to explore. There would be no story, other than environmental storytelling. You see a ghost at a certain place at a certain time and can fully uncover the murder by noticing the clues. You can find evidence of cryptids and can then hunt them down. There are no quests or missions, the game would not hold your hand. You would do all the thinking for yourself. That would be awesome! You know Reddit would be all over it. XD

Gabriel Kenny

(curse word : fucking )

Maggie Smith


Davian Ploger

Steph curry?

Kary Simpson

He hold up Freddie Mercury and me and him will fight freddie is queen don't disrespect 😾


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