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The Human Embryo and Embyronic Stem Cell Biology

On December 15, 2010, Renee Reijo Peraspoke to the CIRM Governing Board about her research studies of the human embryo and embryonic stem cells. Using time lapse video of the embryo's initial cell divisions, Pera's lab identified parameters that can accurately predict human embryo viability. These findings could improve the success rate for couples trying to have children through in vitro fertilization as well as reduce the number of embryos used in the procedure. Pera is director of Stanford's Center for Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research and Education. She was introduced by Robert Klein, chair of the CIRM Governing Board. Series: "California Institute for Regenerative Medicine" [Science] [Show ID: 21940]


That water park !?🤩😂😂 FUN!!! & Ethan sweetheart HAhAh I’m glad u learned ur lesson😌😂😂 Love both of u anyway

2 years...

Wing Tang

This is how many Pringles they had to eat to get the cans ready||

Riki Shikato



Great Easter Eggs List!

Garland Haynes

Is their something wrong with his mouth?

“...But I FUNK it.”

meme expert

I stood up to my bully

Ashlee Kate

I dont need to worry because by the time they die they will suffer in hell


It's not just the Dallas Mask, it's the whole Map :p

Just saying

Daniel B

Serena Williams abusing Cody for 7 minutes and 42 seconds

Julie Wille

Can you guys do a Patrick Mahomes edition


i once woke up in another guys apartment .


Nice job! Pls make Far Cry 4 Easter Eggs next!! :)


7:10 I <3 This song ! :D

I had blackouts where I screamed at my parents that I hate them and hope they die and later apologized because I was feeling horrible about it.


MOAR!!!!!!! no fair.

Paul Schober

Wow. And he got it on the first throw!

TTV. Streamer BTW

I got a 31


This is why I don’t want to adopt.

Max Metodiev

The graphics aren't as good as before

Mina Mass

I thought this was some bullshit until I watched the video.

Justin Castro

Who else can’t touch the links

Albert Munoz

yeah ricardo

TJ Johnson

5:51 someone farted 😂


What is that little kart called?

Shiro Kisetsu

Ok.... I'm confused but... I'll watch

But most importantly

Skinny P

29:11 the German soldier was the first to dab


Captain Animalz

Idg number nine


The moral of the story is; it's up to you. If you want to keep trying to have a baby then keep trying. If you want to adopt then adopt. If you're happy not having a child then don't let anyone pressure you to change your mind....

David Davison


Zerane Dragneel Daughter of Zeref and Cana

I prefer dubss....

Varun Bopanna



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