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On Top of Spaghetti

Here are the lyrics to so that you can sing along with this fun kids’ song. On top of spaghetti, All covered with cheese,I lost my poor meatball, When somebody sneezed.It rolled off the table,And on to the floor,And then my poor meatball,Rolled out of the door.It rolled in the garden,And under a bush,And then my poor meatball,Was nothing but mush.The mush was as tastyAs tasty could be,And then the next summer, It grew into a tree.The tree was all covered,All covered with moss,And on it grew meatballs,And tomato sauce.So if you eat spaghetti,All covered with cheese,Hold on to your meatball,Whenever you sneeze.Wonderful, wonderful… now everybody sing along.(On top of spaghetti) On top of spaghetti(All covered with cheese)All covered with cheese(I lost my poor meatball) I lost my poor meatball(When somebody sneezed)When somebody sneezed(It rolled off the table)It rolled off the table(And on to the floor)And on to the floor(And then my poor meatball)And then my poor meatball(Rolled out of the door)Rolled out of the door(It rolled in the garden)It rolled in the garden(And under a bush)And under a bush(And then my poor meatball)And then my poor meatball(Was nothing but mush)Was nothing but mush(The mush was as tasty)The mush was as tasty(As tasty could be)As tasty could be(And then the next summer)And then the next summer(It grew into a tree)It grew into a tree(The tree was all covered)The tree was all covered(All covered with moss)All covered with moss(And on it grew meatballs)And on it grew meatballs(And tomato sauce)And tomato sauce(So if you eat spaghetti)So if you eat spaghetti(All covered with cheese)All covered with cheese(Hold on to your meatball)Hold on to your meatball(Whenever you sneeze)Whenever you sneezeAh-choo!Rock ‘N Learn has videos for kids of all ages. Explore our videos by age or subject by going to the home tab and scrolling down. To see our entire collection, click on the videos tab. We add something new at least once a week, so subscribe. Please give them a “thumbs up.” We love hearing from you and will reply to your comments.

Brandon Miller

You should flip a empty waterbottle.

Luke Johnson

Do lacrosse




5:58 this shit was funny

Wiwum Spinning

I think it’s name is tiddles

cats are cool

He’s a nerd. Good...

Orang utan

This is how you should rap

Rylee R.M.B

Maybe it's because you keep wearing a shirt that has a hole in it

Gamer Bomb

I like coby because he is always positive in every battle

The twisted Gamer

Did anyone else notice the " look at those chickens " in the Gears of war part? Wooo one of Guru Easter eggs


11:53 😂😂 SHE'S RIGHT


8:57 Of course you always think grass is always greener on the other side and think the girl you cheating with must be better, and then you realize she ain't so perfect either and you go running back to your first wife. NOPE. Nope. BIG NOPE AND BIG OOF.

denis bechler

Osmosis jones was a great movie

[Verse 2: Craig Xen]

Melaine Bellamy

Free Live Sex Cam Show, Exclusive Unlimited Access:BABETONIGHT------------------c0m



•Ëvøůțž Ăņď Țëă•

Has a divorce when hes seventeen


awesome idea, brings a new layer to these videos!

Hamad Althani 115

RKO 4:48 or 4:47

- Zoeann

Next video: My dad is my son

Christine Soroka

Je vous aïme

erik planespotting

Did you really destroy your hall


Who else saw the "Missing: Bolt" on the Reck It Ralph" bulletin board?

(Hides Gun)


Stop winning tyler your so fucking stupid

Amir Lee Glover

“ why is grandma black ? “ me: dies slowly

Thanos Patrick

Lol bruh what even is love?

Malak Star

I love your videos:)


Thanks for zooming, otherwise we neeeeeveeeeer would have seen any of the A113s

andrey martynyuk

Dude Tyler you guys make incredible shots. I use to play street hockey with you at like 12.

Aayushi Das

Awesome rocket launchers

The EdItGoD

Dam this guys explains this like a grampa

Just A Dio Who's A Hero For Fun

I love the Just Cause 4 Getting over it Easter egg is self aware that it's being filmed by a YouTuber

Jesse Rodriguez

Top of my play lest


I'm "up north tailgater"


your just a disgusting little piece of crap

Cory Savell


• angelica •

jUSt tAke yOuR gOsh DarN MediCatiOns!

And another time when I was in the bathroom talking at the phone with my bf and I felt like I was at a little market selling some stuff, and if if hung up I would loose all my money and my products

Cethik Geni

a very hard push can be fatal

Richard Yoder

My name is Ricardo too!


My question is who cheated first and got the other one on board?

Breakthrough breakthrough


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