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Prey: Who is Volunteer 37? | Point of Interest

Here is what Chris Avellone the quest creator had to say: you are already familiar with all the lines of Volunteer 37 then skip to 9:40 when indicated. On Point of Interest this week we look at the game Prey and the character Volunteer 37, the cook, Luka or Is he prophet god monster? Or something more sinister? What do you think?*************************For all Prey guides, character moments and endings!►more VGS Interviews click here: ►tinyurl.com/zg37269For more of the Video Game Sophistry Radio show click here:►

Nicole Saling

She’s my favorite idol too omg omg your so lucky


who LOVES dude perfect

kittycaftsplayz 360

when i was 3


Reported for use of aimbot

Leo Hydronix

The censoring in this video did nothing😂


love the end easter egg and the song :)

Nele S.

What this other girl did is not right.

Jay Gamer

do full court shot with a tennis ball

Richard Tyler Blevins

Hey Fortnite!

Matthew Michael Moniz

Pie Face NHL plz


Do I have to find all the other easter eggs before doing the last one to make it work?

Two Ear Productions

If you cover ready player one could you point out the RWBY cameo during the final battle?

Lordd Duckk

If you do the golden spork while playing with others will they get the spork too?

Andrew Erickson

0:33 who is controlling the dudes?

Khatija Dhuliawala

We want one more real life trick shot

Dee Price

Yes Wendy!!!!!


don't worry sis if this mf doesn't like u moto moto will

Nathan Muruganantham

4:53 The tense moment in the middle right area, where the last pin nearly stays standing.



there's an Easter egg on act 1 the raid in the maternity annex, on the walls you can see the carpet pattern from the shining movie , I have a video on my channel if you want to see or use it in the future.

Me: noooo! she was too cute to die!!!!!!!! (i actually almost cried)

Tex Xtra

Is that a jojo reference?!

Hazim Zuhairi

You are the best 😻😻😻😻😹😹😹



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