Aha development

Protostome vs Deuterostome Embryo Development

I discuss the key differences between protostome and deuterostome embryo development.

Filip johansson

HI! your vids are verry good! please check out my chanel and see if u like it! i just started, but i will upload vids 2-4 times each week! tnx :)


This reminds me of the short story "The Girls in their Summer Dresses" that we read in Literature class, except the ending was more depressing.

MDC30 Music

WTF 2:17

Bird King447

You wasted a fucking tree

janakie kurera

You should do giant football trickshots

Once more: Great vid keep it up!

NightShade 1909

Gloriana: You will never get a girlfriend.

i t s e o i n

Whoever disliked this SHOULD DIE

Jai S Clarina

Whenever I watch this kinds of videos I’m always a mix but I am proud that I have different personalities and experiences in me

No matter what you were wearing

Strixer YT



Hey Babby. I'm from India and I've never heard of "Panthras". Did you perhaps mean "Paranthas"?... Also, did you finally give Favreau those eyes?... :P

Bear Blue

You should make a video of just bloopers

The Kids Nice

You know he sent his girl back with the receipt a couple days later and returned the SW’s. He wasn’t feeling that cost at the end, I don’t blame him either almost 2 grand for those is way overpriced.

Madu Sarang Murni SB

Nice man😍


2019 anyone

აჩიკო ჩრტიშვილი


whitney feinberg

4:36 87 cents wow a lot of money you are a millionaire!


Had to be the lamest basket out of all of them

Sneaky_ Snniper

U need to do Christmas stereotypes

Alade Eniafe

Have half of these comments never seen an anime? later: woah ok riiight

Chance Kierstead

“Mechanical octopus arm” at first I did not think anything then boom.. dr. Octopus🤔!

Amerie Philbert

I love this story

GuineaPig Gurl

Cory still doesn't have his eyebrows back.😥😂

Sabbir Hossain Sakib

Plz make a video about Every Singer Ever


Anyone watching in 2016?

Abubakr Shaheen

Toys have feelings too.

lil trappin Kj Riley

Garret was recording



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