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[PSYC200] 4. History of Psychology

Dr. Chris Grace explains the history of psychology. He describes its development out of philosophy and medical science as well as the early ideas that existed at the start of the field. Dr. Grace also breifly discusses who is considered a psychologist and the range of jobs in psychology that exist today.View the full class here:


A true mastermind.

fifi landu

Just saying if it wasn’t his first attempt the he would be inside and would you be a lot messier.

Denzel D

Your picture always looks like adam sandler to me, every damm time..


In the middle of the vid a add came on with this guy making random noises on his phone

Josh Forde

Great 👍 Soccer skills

Cryptic Gaming

Nice video but why the Dallas Mavericks

Spam mail

2019 anyone?

Gaming Hangs

Bathrooms 2019btw

Smaul Snellman

far cry 3 have a easter egg with the poster you go to some beach and there is a head in the ground 2 hanging body's and a knife.

Rezki Jabbar Mulia

hey, how many games you have?

Von Alamag

The sneak attack

Richard Foit

Do a video in lackawanna

Queen angel Wolf

I feel you. But i have money for my brithday. And meh mom wont let me get one :(((((((((((

The Joking Wizard



1:44Panda has cursed usHe foresaw the dab

Paris Sksks

2:20 I thought she was gonna say ”ooh she’s ugly ugly” 🤣🤣🤣🥴

Illuminati Confirmed

Thats undertale papyrus btw, anyone seen that pafriskus vid?

zachary jeff the potatoe

This waz my first video I have ever seen by them

I mean, generally speaking the animation is good. But the character models? Omg. (Read the credits and you’ll understand)

Marsh mello

Dude Perfectvideos has not been in my recommended for so long but today i found this


Tots Not LoveGoddessPearl

You just need to say depression or suicide or self-harm to make me cry 😭 bc I'm there, in fact, I was a little girl who was bright happy full of positive energy until I went to school at school I faked a laugh a smile everything my ”friends” sexually abused me in 5-6th grade I was bullied my whole life. I wanted to die and till this day I still want to die if I'm angry or sad to the point I have no idea what I'm doing until the last second I can't myself I consisted on jumping out of my two story house window in my bedroom but I ran away from home at night I am 14 now and I'm soon to turn 15 I have some problems and I just fell empty inside or hatred I see a therapist and I was diagnosed with a multi-personality disorder with that I have ADHD ASD I was servilely bullied to the point to chairs being thrown at broken hands to teachers picking on you bc you cannot say something properly. At school, I'm wearing a mask to make myself like other kids to be more like them, I was pushed into poles and teachers gaining up on me laughing saying I'm not worthy of food I was told to kill myself none stop and till this day I have thoughts voices replying in my head, at some points I don't feel any emotions I just feel like I'm dead, I stay up every night to 5:00 am and then get waken at 6:00 am I don't sleep I don't eat as much I used to....i got self-conscious about everything I have nightmares of dying.... Over and over again and sometimes I wished it was real... I have horrible anxiety... Look I just can not say anything else atm I feel too damn sad and tired and who say that school is the reason why you're here well I wanna say something school is why I don't eat and why I want to die. It nearly killed me... But I was strong enough to stay here for the ones who love me when they go ill go.

Izzy Whytho

The last cramp..was terrible...it lasted two days, got dizzy, and nauseous

Kathleen T




australien kangoroo12

Garret had to run a mile bad cory had to shave his eyebrows. Thats Not fair.

Harichand Narang

Is this a real panda



K Black

Asmr in Game Of Thrones pleaseeee


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