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[PSYC200] 9. Neuroscience Part 3: Organization of the Brain

Dr. Chris Grace describes the organization of the human brain. He explains where certain functions are localized and how affecting these locales can result in significant behavioral changes. Dr. Grace also discusses the plasticity of the brain.View the full class here:

[GMD] MatriX

The guy in a wheelchair is a god!

Thomas Smith

5:04 why does it say rage machine

billy alahan

I live in alaska


Make "My top 10 Easter eggs in TV shows or movies" a series until no more Easter eggs can be found! This is interesting!

john nicholas

garret had the coolest


Hazy Year - Early Thinkin, My favourite song that I actually wrote a suicide note to. You can only go up when you hit rock bottom I guess.

Ava Cahill


You Ate All My Beans Niqqa

What a waste of space for this game . Smh

destiny child

I just feel bad for the panda ☺

joe loco



Polo dat nigga 🤟🏽💯🔥


Why a 2nd one, the 1st was trash

Braedon Cronin

Where’s Ned’s channel?!

t roll funk lab 1600

Fire shit.T.Roll

JayThePerfectOne -


daylen graham

Waiting for infinity wars easter eggs

Royal Boyo

Omg that ending

Gamer4life XDD

What a stupid girl

Jake Cotton

Can't wait to play this on ps4 soon!


Alvin Martin


AngelxAshley UwU

I have asd


those hockey shots were fire they should use him in more videos.

Someone From GT :DDD

Nah Soviet Union Is better m8


you missed one its where you go to man bats cell and talk to him then you quit the game and change the date to october 31st


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