Aha development

Psychology 101: Trait Theories of Personality

Nguyen Duy Hung

3:12 nguy hiểm vl

Bianca Gonçalves

Nem sei q eles tão falando

We Need to Talk About Kevin 2011

Musical Interlude

Maybe someone will know. At the end there where someone asks if you are a fan of Kojima is that a nod to when psycho mantis looks into your game history because it sounds like him to be honest.

Toddy Kwest

Back in the day, before all the wanna be's


P a t h e t i c .

muhammad ilyas

Are u Muslim?

Richard Newens

why the heck does he have a gun and holster? these guys have some weird outfits (panda)

Mashkoor Shah



Whats the music

The Game Boy


Moon Cloud

Still you didnt add the "download picture" function

Kola Cao

Wait...they CAN lie I know one diagnosed and showed narcisistic actitudes

Blank Name

3:12 Eminem reference

(Maybe even more later in the year)

Raman Preet

Now it's recommended

Queen Emily

I think the game is possibly good, if it would actually start.


best dp video on youtube.

Smokeweed Everyday

Re. Tar. DED!


When this game came out I was sure that it's just a matter of time till Guru will make a easter eggs video about this. I was right :D



Hit or miss I guess they never miss huh

Uwu of the Owo

This is comment section is funnier than Donald Trump


Guru be like when we get new games "EASTER EGGS EASTER EGGS EASTER EGGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Sidney Price

Welp, I guess I can tell you guys, Happy New Year


The child wants the woman to make his future a good one.



Rosita N

ahhhh they are so mean to coby I hate it


YOGA PANTS!!!!!!!!


Hey Mat here’s a question What is sponge bob ? I mean obviously he is a sponge but what undersea living creature does he relate to most?

Nikki Omg

I'm scared


nice one

The_ Weirdo

This happened to my mom


Cool not cool

2:30 It looks like she's walking on the bus lmao

I am Bananananana

How is this a minute video?

Freddie Dean

@crytien No. Sorry, but no, if you were to play a pc version im sure there are plenty of mods to download which can do to zombies what you wish treyarch to do to it officially

2nd: Garret

Juan Pun-ch


lucid play channel

All the girls must have equal rights

Talan Rampolla

I’m the screamer

Edwin B

1- Punches Cerrone square in nose after the bell

Funny Laughs

I’m sorry but your sister should not have been smoking

Von Steiner

Dude, you're really fast at finding these easter eggs. Are you sherlock holmes?

I'm so proud 💞💞💞


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