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Psychology - An Introduction | What is Psychology | Nature and Scope | Tabula Rasa

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Carter Tomes

carmelo my fav player

Death Snap


Mithu Singha

Bike tricks


Shannon Koons

Tyler you suck you win way too much then you rub it in team coby (NOT)

The super bowl

Dude perfect you should do trick shots with Andy Dolton

Elixir_ Nevaeh


Roselle Amodia

I am in a Secure - Anxious relationship. And I am the anxious type.


First!! Just joking, good video! Very high quality editing and is well put together instead of being thrown together. Again, good job, Guru! :)

Mysteryp0rtal TV

It's so dramatic and I'm loving it. The animation is stunning and I'm actually hyped to see this!🤩

Smash Bruh

Player: Dynamaxes a Wailord


6:00 I would love to read that book :D

Candice Perry

This family did the right thing to help the woman&her child

Isabel Maldonado

Dios mio lo siento familiares y ellos muy triste

Dhanuka Perera

Wow they really should have done this with voice actors and better graphics for this generation I mean don't touch the main story but come man

XHappy Cyanide13X

I knew it was bijuu mike when I saw the kid. Poor mike :(

SmolBeanGaming XD

Man: * pulls out knife * H-oney And btw the story is from United States.....

Addictive Moostace

her (toxic) boyfriend is just like my parnets in irl they meet every Standard


The word yes made me live in poverty

Phoenix Humphreys

Good animating

Ben Dover

I knew the minecraft easter egg from borderlands would be in this countdown :P

Isnt that Fucken Murder

Frank Fernandes

Do hockey trick shots

Isabella Watson

You’re animation has become so much more advanced!! I love watching your videos evolve in quality over time!! Love your vids James💕

maxim schulte

Announce judgment mess command scream indicator economic barely.

Matthew Parrill

Why you’re say 10eggs when it’s 20 in text

kendall hafford


Aesthetic Plays

Awh josh from chick fil a is so cute!🥰

Geefunk Alejandro

Gotta love Gullermo, man... definitely love how the players react to him and the way they treat him

Joseph Barlow

his name is jeff


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