Aha development

Quail egg crepes

Stop commenting ARMY on everything

god instead of enjoying this story the entire comment section decides to point out the hair was brown instead of red

(Read the first word :)

Roy Huff

Nearly dude


Cory's is going to be awesome.

Justin carmelo

Carmelo anthonyis the best

Michael Gartrell

I love panda Can you bring in a nba all star maybe. I know you brought in cp3 but I love bball Great full court shot in the beginning after swish fish sticks


Man people in the ancient rome sure saw alot of random shit from Giant statues making non hurting fire to a giant man hiding in your fountain

Yuri Dias

What song??

Alex Gamer


Guile's Hair

You're second.



Cancer:I am about to destroy this girls happiness

Stefan Oosthuizen


bayly funez


Nick Mork

Sand Trapped Guy lookin like Sergio Garcia 😂

Si le das like es porque me entendiste y tablas español!!!

Curb Daddy

They should go as old people and play basketball with young ones



Qűęęń ÐMÇ

I'm just now watching this.


At 10:30, you quoted three pokedex entries, the first two stated that ditto could transform into a Pokemon that is not present, but that it would not be perfect, and in the movie, ditto gets the faces of all its transformations wrong, with those beady eyes. While this ditto is still a genetically modified Pokemon, the transformations aren't that far out there, even the human ones, since we see a regular ditto transform into a photo in the original show

Stephanie Roberts

I too got pregnant at a party . I thank God that although I did not stay with the babies father ,it was not the end of my life as I supposed. It was the beginning of a new life. I was in denial for about 4 and a half mths. I had a drinking problem and didnt know how bad of a problem I had until I tried to quit. I also smoked marijuana often. Finally a relative took me to the dr. I came out crying thinking my life was over but oh how I was so wrong. My mom prayed and had her church and other family members pray for me. They invited me to church, although I didn't want to be there, I went because my mom asked me to. That night God saved me from my sins as I poured my heart out to him. He changed my wild heart to a mommy's heart. My son was a gift from God that brought me to himself. When my son was 4 mths old I married. My husband took care of me and my baby. We dedicated my baby to the Lord and took him to church every chance we had. He is now 23 yrs old and happily married and is a worship leader at his church. I miss him because he always had the right song to sing mommy at the right time. Babies are blessings and I now have raised 3 ( well almost), my youngest is a girl and she is 15 . All of the babies were and have been such blessings .All 3 are so different and all three are so precious. What I once thought was the end of my life actually became the end of a lonely life and a beginning of a precious one. I hope my story can encourage you.


How cute, your Little intro❤️

Sapphire Stuff

I dont know why, but this made me cry. I hope everything is better and I wish that you and your adopted parents are now in a good relationship. It's good now, you know, coming into the realisation! Make Them PROUD!

TheGaming _Asian


Grow VendsGT

TY is da best lol

Eduardo Oliveira


Alanise Diaz

And u did soooo good I love you and I SUPPORT YOU so much....also U and Annie cute or whatever!

petClub Aquatics

You should get a pump like an omnipod they are small and consealable

I ain't sayin' that you need me (Yeah, yeah)

- Fewkey -

It still unclear for our family but my father I belive he still smoking and kept it a secret and there were little snig so we really can't do anything my mom tried to check his bag but my father hides it and we don't know where one time my mom saw he was hiding at the basement closet. the closet was lock but the key was on my father poket and she found the key on his pant and she open it and saw the bag open it and she found one ciredet but it was burned my father made an excuses saying one of my coworker smoke and at that time the bag was open thanks to that my mom could not do anything

Vaughn BAKER

How do you know what Water Taste like?


True question, when is Caleb gonna start streaming? o:

jon s

Noooooooooooo you blew up earth vader

levi the great

ty should have said leave me the heck alone woman

Derreck Reyna

Nobody:Michael Jackson:1:17

i couldn’t think of a username so here we are

This was surprising wholesome. I love it.



Shlomo Sharkbergstein

Time to make some more money

Madelin Hamilton

Totally realized this, YALL WERE IN MILWAUKEE!!!!!

Friedrich Guetter

I guess we all should the grateful for not having any allergies, because we don't know how life can be with them

Stephanie Hanna

do ed sheeran or aaron judgealso check out my youtube channel:CamConnorHanna

Kurt Baban

Your blasting fast to kill birds

Mia Murdock


Lucy Meza

I am Gerardo


and that’s how THE FLASH was born...

Giovana Medeiros

Brasil porraaaaaa

Karoht Stouthorn

Grats on the appearance, I thought that was you when I saw the trailer.

Employee: huh, scarlett.


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