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Raghuram Rajan speaks at the India Economic Conclave | Exclusive

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Adout Monydhel


Rich Gentleman

we need Johansson edition with cute bikini pic on the konsol...what da fuck is that name anyway


The Departed was such an awesome movie.

Matthew Villarreal

Film at disneyland

ModernWREKsVLL ortiz

If 6ix9ine was in this song I would be on trending

We just need to see you to know she's a dominatrix


GOOD job

Princess Stewart

You should have told someone, it's your family your talking about

nickolay 123


clash box



Nobody:Disney: hey here's a Frozen sequel

Trouble Makers

Electronics stereotypes

Very Noice, Guru Boi.

Ben K

Lots of homophobes in this comment section trying to justify their homophobia. All I have is Teddy......

Fateful Brawl

Okay, after watching the video and seeing the comments.... I honestly don't see anything wrong with what happened here, if fact, it kinda helped the situation these two were in.

Willem Gundersen

How do you hold it?JuSt GRaB It!

Who gives birth to a whole baby through there bum? yes that sounds weird but only girls have the strength to do that.

Wyatt Weingarden

Anybody else already know all these? Lol


I love it Guru <3

abby lee

Why she keep wearing shirts with holes in the middle tho

Hal da Costa

Haha, I remembered loving that Olivander's scene when I was a kid but couldn't really describe why I loved it so much. Now that I know about ASMR, it all makes sense :D


Love the face inside the monster at 4:11

Yasmin Lee xo

You suck dude perfect your terrible

Janet Lacey



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