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Rediscovering the Mystery of Video Games

In this special feature about video game mysteries, we talk to Jonathan Blow (The Witness / Braid), Derek Yu (Spelunky) and Jim Crawford (Frog Fractions) about the games that inspired wonder in us as children, and the fight to keep player discovery alive.Noclip operates entirely through the funding of its members. To help us tell more stories about video games and the people who make them, please consider becoming a patron: by Danny O'Dwyer & Jeremy Jayne@dannyodwyer / @adackmusicMusic supplied by Audio Network- City in Motion: Window Pain: Sacre Bleu: Speakeasy: Your Destiny: Destined:

Gabriela Marte Contrera

Esta canción me recuerda a mi novio 😪

4:34 Phil Swift here for Flex tape, the super strong tape

Cat Vlogs


Gwen van der Pol

I’m high sensitive and i also don’t see somethings not so positive


Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na hey hey hey Goodbye

Vincent Solanki

4 minutes Minute videos FOUR MINUTES

L Lawliet

If those fucking trolls sing again.. ugh.



10th Comment and 62th Likes

Soldier1: I am serious, and dont call me Shirley Have a nice day and plez sub to me I’m so lonely ;-;

I’m crying

iM ZwOoSh

6:08 what's that sound🤣

איתי גולן

you can do a video on surgeon simulator ester eggs?

Lisbeth Levitt

I think my mum had epidural

Rainbow Unicorn Lover

HEY!!! My dogs bday is June 5th also!!


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