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Retrospective Review - Dawn of War: Dark Crusade

Third time's the charm as Dark Crusade continues to build upon the foundations of Dawn of War's brilliantly-executed approach to RTS, at the risk of a few potentially-ageing bugbears...

LOL hehe

1:20 why did you washed the camera

HEELZouper - WWE

The final boss "NoobMaster69"


i want to meet you guys

Nazish Bilal

there isnt any neon green shade in pallate and y in mini there r same shades repeating



What if Tyler was the one who was picked.. Who would be Ned Forester?

Keaton Crandall

Two handers rule!!!!!! Jason Belmonte has rev...olutionized bowling. Like if you get the cheesy pun


It is. For a gangster you aren't the smartest


You're a clever one, Guru.  Love catching the little details.

Илья Кравцов

5:00-5:20 - face ont the mountain its a Jessy Pinkman (Breaking Bad)

Steffen Eriksen

Ny birthday is ON march 24

hunter 5657

Let's gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo0o0p0o0o0o0o0k0o0kooo

MR. Jent

I think coby will win the World Cup o wait that isn’t going to happen


5:54 omg omg nathan drake!

Tamil gaming channel

U deserve your subs 😁

Reverse Dipper Pines

God vs Satan rap battle


I always will root for Coby!!! TEAM COBY!!

Matis Vigneault

Video and at 5:31


nice shots an nice frizzbe throws

Derpy Whooves

SO HOLD UP HOLD UP YOU HAD DIABETES AND YOUR POOR MOM HAD CANCER??!??!!! that is SHOCKING you poor girl I feel sooooooooooo bad for you! (and your mom btw)


Marbles such a gentle stylish old boi!!!!

Laura Silva

1900 na fake


Where the f is krieg?

Enzo Bell-Miller

football stereotypes

Nasir Simmons

LMAOOO Stupid Doo Doo Head Dummy.

Socks Sucks

poor panda

Joey Korn

Zip City

The Ninja Squad

They ran out of ideas

Jonathan Foster

I'm like that

Gurya Zainab


Jacob Jacob

So Disney Universe's Source of Magic all looks like Horse...😲


So it was just a Dream?


Well he fell from the tree like a real panda.

G Grubbs

This shit is so hard 😂😂😂

Tina Pourshirazi

The beginning is kinda like the beginning of the book “A long walk to water”

Rico James


Mercury 20

1,2,3 24!!!

Black Fairy

Well done..I feel like you made this video completely about me. 😔 the past two years it's finally gotten some control of me and I'm having a seemingly impossible time crawling back out. I consider putting myself in rehab sometimes just because I feel like I'm "broken" for being this way, even though I know that's not true. It's hard these days to get anyone to understand because they just respond with "I get depressed too" or some vague comparison and I can tell they don't experience what I'm talking about and thus end up feeling like you said, that I'm making a mountain out of a molehill. It gets annoying being undermined like that because it creates the thought that maybe everything really is in my head and I'm just in some weird version of reality.



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