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RWBY AMV: Survive the Night

I do not own anything. RWBY belongs to Rooster Teeth. "Survive the Night" belongs to Mandopony.Video: RWBY by Rooster TeethSong: Survive the Night by MandoponyProgram: iMovieIf you've never heard this song before, it's a fan-made song for the second installment in the "Five Nights at Freddy's" horror game series created by Scott Cawthon. There are other really good fanmade songs by Mandopony on their youtube channel so I would highly recommend checking them out. The story is basically Penny, Yang, Blake, and Weiss are the animatronics (I didn't really try to make any of them directly represent any of the Five Nights's bots specifically—so that's up to your interpretation). Ruby is the nightguard. Beacon is Freddy's.I don't have the nerve to actually play horror games myself, but I love fan-made stuff like this. Anyway, I hope you thought it was a little creepy. Thanks for watching! Looking forward to it!

Afro Kid

i can't believe you made that OMG

Itzme kobra

Earl Thomas

Matthew O'Doherty

this songs pretty good!

Lastly, He micromanages my life. He just cannot deal with the fact that I hold my pencil differently. :/

Random Hero Fan

Yaweh is Hebrew for "God"... This kid thinks he's God??


I’m definitely the “Mr. Mood Swing”


The art is so pretty wtf


2:59 you can’t find a bitcoin.

penguin 4205

This was my first dude perfect video.

Hipster Boy

I love tobymac

Ian Marbella

remember other adopted kids. they wanted you.

Emery Wilcox


JJ Love

Jah Bless JStone

Naffisa Abedin

Cody should not keep 🧔

Darla A

Anybody watching on 2017

Girls:I'm from Hertfordshire

Aditya Kshirsagar

Frozen 2 with that 25 dollar production

Katherine Donovan

"I used to believe him, each time I think this will be the last time....I hated the disappointment I felt...." I feel bad for her.


Just coincidentally her name is Ana (Anna or however you spell it)

Sammy Bienenstock

I want to meet them

Milky Tuber

Damn, you can’t change what you are. How can anybody ground their child in the thought that your child would change something that can’t be changed? Homophobic people aren’t worthy of your time if you are gay.

Cristle Princess

I wish I had that power!!! 😤😤

Colleen Vitale

My favorite player I Odell beckham


i think there is also a reference to lord if the rings

Radovan Botek

Idk if its real or fake, big White Ball fly like its fake

Jessica Carreón

Asher ... I'm glad you're thriving ... I remember when I first saw you in Andi Mack ... as soon as I saw you ... I fell in love with you as Jonah Beck ... you became my crush .... later in Shazam⚡ .... I remember that I only went to the movie because I found out that you were leaving ... until now I can not stop thinking about you ... I hope and continue creating more music .. ..and be a great singer ... as well as a great actor. ..I love you so much Asher ... greetings from Mexico 💜

Ron Martinez

trickshots while riding jetskies?

Launchpad Mcquack

Why is this guy not always in a Gambit costume??


amazing video good job

Ritesh khatiwada

Is the sketch artist from south east Asia?


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