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Sad: Paramecium squashed to death by cover glass, organelles spilling out | Microscopy

My other youtube microscope channel: the website: Shop: this before posting a comment! There are people who get upset when seeing this video, because they identify with the paramecium. It is not an animal and it does not have a nervous system and brain! Cell death can be often observed under the microscope. Cells disintegrate, get eaten up, dry up, break open or something goes wrong during cell division etc. When you wash your hands you kill millions of cells that grow on your skin. When you eat yogurt the acid in your stomach kills billions of yogurt bacteria. When you brush your teeth, you kill countless bacteria - many of them are not harmful.In any case, the cell in the video was not killed deliberately, but happened to be sandwiched between slide and cover glass. Paramecia are single-celled organisms, they are protozoa, and do not have a nervous system (and therefore no brain to feel pain). They do not have an individuality. The cell was taken from a pond water sample. Had I returned it to the pond water, it would have been eaten up by amoeba or water fleas. Feel sorry about the plants and animals (and humans!) that have to die because of pollution and other damages that people do to the environment.Other youtube videos that show that death under the microscope is as natural and normal as reproduction and "birth":

hagji albakov

Yay we have freedom 10% older people


South Park?! I HATE South Park...

Adrian Lundtveit


Nehemiah Hickman

I’m a Steph Curry Fan but i agree with them, Tbh i feel like Steve Kerr is being Outcoached

Liam O'grady

Fantastic video they never fail to make me laugh so much for someone who hardly talks. It's also on my favorite topic video game easter eggs. Thanks Guru!

kuo hero

I feel like i dont have ocd but i like to see every thing fine and the angles of every thing is just right and i dont like to get touched but i dont wash my hand after he touch me when he is gone or leave the place after that i can wash my hands

Patrick Varnavas

lmao i was more surprised by the fact that he landed the flip while remembering to throw the ball


Everyone was so cute as a kid. I love that Phil is the rebel rouser 🤣


I love your channel :) everything you do is awesome. That part with the evil within made me laugh a lot haha. Just when you said "why would I want to play evil within, it's very scary" :) thanks for all the good times Guru. Can't wait to see what this year holds!

Azeem Ghori

A funny ending


Steph looks like a Giant compared to him

Matthew Whitney

Forehead reduction surgeon.

Logan Cochran

I dont care if he did that 21518513 times the fact that he made it is unbelieveable.

Liltrac3r Is awesome

Hi 👋

Tajh Walls

here is love by city of lions

Nikita Neshadimov

that Samuri sword though

That Channel That Exists :\

March 2019 anyone or April 2019 if your from the future. If you are even farther in the future. What did you get for Christmas 2019

The Orange Legend

I really really really want to do that!

RebelliousBeanie !

weird flex but ok

Giang Nguyễn

Catch some big fishCatch some big fishCatch some big fishA BIG FISHHHHHHHHHHH

Me: "ah crap now look what you've done, that was my last one"

Awesomecolt70 Gaming

Steph curry

Miles Quinto


Jacob Bates

What does unused easter eggs mean? Unused in what?

SDP Alkudero

There is also an animalhead on a wall witch is drinking wine and a dancing skeleton!!! :D




Nice video this week guru +1

D Dawg


Nick Tsabadze

we know your name #josephAllen


i want to buy this game as a gift for a friend. is it worth it?

Amanda Sierra

I have a love/hate relationship with how chipper Kristin is in the morning

Daylen Graham

How can you dislike this this is just the best thing ever

Keturah L.

I'm in tears...I need an update.

Hiba Gacha

Who remember this from brightside

Spartan playz

Vid :I’m the richest man in the world

Charlie Batty

Holy Crap that is deep.


"I love sucking on things"

Joseph Dacebrowne


Julia Coats

Hi Tati, I love your videos so much! I also admire you as a strong woman!! You should test out the brand Mary Kay, i think a professional should test it out!! Thanks, love you!!


What about the octopus sign at the start of the DLC referencing octodad: dadliest catch


Jacob McCracken

11 bounces

Ahlam Yahyaoui

when did frozen get so dark

Mindy Vincent


Sebastian P.

7:24 xX_SUP3Rgurusanic115 _Xx mode ACTIVATED

Cj Schubert

That's cool

Batman The Dark Knight


victor *! lucas



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