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Sassi Punnu Shrine | Lasbela | Balochistan | Pakistan | Vlog # 25

Sassi Punnuh or Sassui Punhun is a love story from Sindhi and Balochi folklore. Visit of Sassi Punnu Shrine is a life experience to know it in detail.Shrine of Sassi Punno is located 65 kilometers from Karachi and it takes you 2 hours to reach this historical places.In the video, we guide you the exact location of the shrine, our experience of fresh cow doodh paati tea, short view of the about the love story, meeting with local people, facilities available at the location and other sites associated with Sassi Punnu. Please Follow us on:INSTAGRAM: balochistanlandofbeauty@gmail.comOn Google Map:Credit:Song: Haye Ve Punnu ZalmaSinger: Jagmohan KaurPlease subscribe our channel #Balochistan #Pakistan

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