Aha development

Shenmue II: The Movie 🎞

Shenmue: The Movie Remastered (Fan remake) & Edited by Mr .357


5:06 That scared the crap out of me.

Eilish Doyle

The last one


You know one day in any future titanfall related game there gonna be a moment when resonance be like “hey you like those nessy Easter eggs huh? Go here for something cool.” Then in titanfall (insert number/subtitle/spin off) in a underwater mission yiu head there for something goofy..... but then “you like that huh? Okay. Surprise birch!” You get attacked by an alien looking Loch Ness monster. That point most ppl will go NOPE and instant out the game.

josh burns

say me if ur watcthig in 2016

your boi bleach

Her: Hit on me

roy mp3


Paula Figueras Romero

oh im so sorry


Tony Phương

My mom used to say that she picked me up in the dumpster, I thought I was adopted.


Fucking scared me


Hey Guru when will your next vid come out?


I know that if I tell my mom she’ll say it’s just a phase or if she does believe me and she’ll give me a lot of attention and attention is the last thing I want right now


You know now that Gravity Falls has ended, I wonder if in the new season they'll make one final nod to the show. Maybe even have the creator voice a character.

Oliver LeGreco

Love you our over time videos

Ashton Lovell

High to low

Roy Sunshine

Who cares?

KrustyKrabUnfair MrKrabsIsInThere

She just let her whole family get merked once she left

Ha Boi An Rebecca

4:41 star bucks into fat bucks ;-;

Zig and TK Challenges and Gaming

I'm fascinated by childrens' graves but I don't cry I just think how they died

HamZe Kadar abdi

This guys are good at every sport wow

Sierra Hall

Staying strong fills me with Determination


A shit movie, but with an interesting director.

Affan Saleem

Give love to Garret

Omar Ruiz

My favorite shot was the golf escalater shot

Bradack Benefield

Where was Cory and coby

Avion Bruce

(I feel like an idiot asking this question in my head) holy s*** is she going to live or choose to die ,I wonder what she's going to tell us


Jarad Robert Tromp

Garret you are insane


Julian Uden

I don't like the cowboys because I am a Philadelphia eagles fan


You should have gotten Racka Racka to play Ronald McDonald in this one. Nice Peter was decent but the voice was lacking. Otto Von Bismark vs Margaret Thatcher with a Tony Stark interruption next. It would be legendary and everyone is asking for it.

Bowser the Pug

Who is panda under his mask



Rahimah Zia

Real madrid

Mona Hanna

Round 1- fancy Round 2-remind me


CharaAj venom

I don't like sports and I'm a Tom boy but I feel really sorry for you... 😢 Hope your still happy

Asana Sangthong

These are your last words and are you dead


bob harley

9:00 Badass Creeper :D



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