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Should Bethesda "Prey" For A Miracle?

Episode 14 of 'Did It Fail?'Diving into the aftermath of Prey➥Subscribe Here: ➥Support Us On Patreon: ➥Follow on Twitter: (Send your questions for Q&A videos here)We chat about Prey, Bethesda & Arkane Studios, and a whole lot more in this episode!-------------Data Sources:player count data:footage courtesy of:Tetraninja (for watching!

Jahnae S

This girl said “is mercury in retrograde” I stannnn😭😭

Minnie Shead


Všra Beruska

Panda has our mascot of class

devine nex

richtofin and samantha are sibling and maxis is their father and all the zombies are in the future along with all 8 hero's and there were also zombies long ago before the modern age they where medevil zombies they where unearthed and began the zombie apocalypse in 1918, after the first 4 hero's died 4 more came along and started on a bus then went to nuketown and then to die rise where they found out about maxis and richtofen where they fallowed into the underground city or burried where they find out maxis is evil and only loved sam, they then all die, and then finally for shits and gigles there is alcatraz which is just a cool map

Unknown Madz

My name is Madeline


Woah... Games sure want Indy dead.

Icho Haugenoff

Can't stop crying

Scrupulous Preacher

I really feel bad for that girl. The same "tolerant" people cannot even tolerate a different opinion.


I don’t get cramps but like it’s inconvenient I don’t even want kids in the future like

bg gamer

U should keep doing baseball

Md Irfan Afandi

Is sponsored by FanDuel right?

George Swaney

Lava cake

Lame Gal

this song really got me walking around saying 'I'm a fat man'

That guy from Aggretsuko

When I saw Sean Austin I expected a lot of Goonies easter eggs, funny enough the events of the second season of Stranger Things happens an year before the Goonies (that came out in 1985), so sad that the series is set in Indiana and Goonies in Oregon, could have been an awesome crossover to make Bob meet himself in some way xD

Miss Min

Well I sure ain't quitting high school


The legend of zelda : skull kid of the wild

Prime Wolf Gaming

2015:no way2016: not so early... 2017:not in mood2018: nah 2019: now is the time

Angel Salazar

You f😁😁😁boy

kyle marinovich


Hope List

This made me cry,as my mums cousin died recently from a brain tumour and my uncle recently had one but wasn’t as bad lets hope no one else gets these horrible brain tumours

Rex Terrisier

And they all require the Wild Wasteland perk.

Michael Ruggiero



Wtf is wrong with you all?? Did anyone even watch the whole video? Bc all you do is make shitty jokes

Chyleen Lopez

Some of these easter eggs are bad. They're nearly undetectable. I mean, who found that microscopic button logo?


I don't what to see any people

darkbeast so

Next race is off-road trucks


the thing is these days many kids have faked and joked about depression for attention or because its funny to them and parents know this and cannot imagine there happy little bundle of joy is depressed and can blame themselves sometime wondering what did i do wrong? and telling your parents is not easy you can think of the words before hand but most likely you will get nervous and lose your speech the words you might get these words at 1st from telling parents after telling them is your just having a bad day or your just going threw puberty my mom was always stressed and my dad never home and was kinda cold did not take things serious enough or to serious its hard its not as easy as get them in a good mood get prepared and tell them


not Smore

The first dude perfect video I watched

that one person

who the fuck, cooks pizza rolls, in a MICROWAVE


Try not to laugh


haha :D is ellis chuck norris???

Spencer Plays Gamez

i just loved the last one

Level_ Up_is_real

Warriors actually work hard year in and year out  and built a team from the ground up. There's a difference between working hard and everything given. KD join the Warriors because he saw a team that has has real good basketball team ethics and he can help contribute to make something great. Every year the Warriors got better and better. People want to hate on the Warriors because they work hard each year and been to the last 5 NBA finals, really??Warriors in this era was the underdog who surprised everyone and still suprising everyone of their resiliency to keep making it to the NBA finals.

wayne harrison

My top favorite voices

Ninja 77

Fuck not a number two


gta5 jetpack

S Morrison

Some people have had just fucked up lives. When you are at a certain point in life, you forget your past

I’m crying

Chris Element

You cannot ever list rocko's modern life in these lists, that whole show is a dirty joke

FireSpace 40065

Plot twist:


Surprised there weren't any Texas Chainsaw Massacre E. Eggs

Snow Canvas

Where the doggy style

Julie Chowdhary



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