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Simple Plan - Take My Hand Lyrics

Lyrics for Take My Hand by Simple Plan*ALL CREDIT GOES TO THE ARTIST*enjoy =)*Jake*

Matpat is an absolute legend!!! Congrats, you’re so close to 10 million!

Ilia Marcev

I dropped a book on my head. Guess I only have myshelf to blame....


January and February 2018?

Love it

I left him because he told my mum to kill herself.


THIS is my environment

NightmarePl4YZ 123

49 secs try pushed it in

COC with A.K



boi i

1:40 (top left corner) what do you mean?

jamie sky

I have influence

ATK 300

I was hitting licks when i was 3

alis a

I bet the girl you helped is thanking you from her heart I think you are such a wonderful person I can't believe that there are still nice people like you on earth 💕💕

The giant slide thing looked fucking awesome, thou. Like, I'd have so much fun with everything Gray bought! ❤️

Delfox Hammer

I want to leave my basement but I'm scared of him.

Robert Wood

9:32 Hey, a clone trooper helmet!


Garett Just came in a segment of this video XD

Cal Young

Ronaldo man he is the best


Smol PotatoYT

I'm the sand trapped guys and me mood swing 😂


Who else saw that naked girl in the pool 6:11

Mayor_ Chuy


Cherie Avery

Two of the most attractive Asian's I've seen

Brayden Kuhrts

You should do tyrek hill

Allen Luie

League of legends.

Might buss down her ring finger

Kick w/N


Jeon Jungkookie

I live in South Korea... I HOPE I meet her in person



Maya Rusnov

idk what 4th one was

Minute Videos


First try “yes”

Daniel Pogosoff

All i have to say is.. ur stupid :)

Kid:ok chilllllllllllllll


12:28 Venom Snake was only in Phantom Pain, Metal Gear 1, and Ground Zeroes, he never says “Kept you waiting, huh?” before.

Alajah Rion

Stephen Curry


Aww a sweet ending!!🤗😻 Wish your family the best of health!🙏🏻🤞🏻

i want to know if you let me use some of this easter eggs from your video in one vid that i'll make about the same.

quang nguyễn trần

crazy stupid, just throw a lucky ball then write the title "Worlds Longest Basketball Shot" STUPID


ว้าววว เก่งมากค่ะร้องเพราะด้วยยยย ❤🇹🇭✌🔥

n i n a

Im liking all these yes comments


That ending was perfect 😂😂

magnus hederstjerna

I dont belive 2+2=4... I KNOW IT!!!

Ty Roberts

power rangers was so awesome. great idea having them on the show. have ever had your own fans doing stuff like with you

Addam Friedl

I am a proud fan for the purple hoser team

cj the skeleton dragon

I ship it


11 time im watching this

Arthur Morgan

Where’s the last of us 2?


step 1: put easter eggs in funwithguru easter eggs


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