Aha development

Socioeconomic Status and Brain Development: From Science to Policy

Martha Farah's work on the ethical, legal and social impact of neuroscience (aka neuroethics) has focused on cognitive enhancement by normal individuals, including the question of whether drugs and devices believed to enhance normal cognition actually do so, and on nonclinical uses of brain imaging. Her other main interest is in the effects of early socioeconomic deprivation on brain development.

U.S. Government: SCRAM. SKEDADDLE.

abby fisher

I'm pretty upset that Babish for forgot the meat hunks in the mac and cheese...

Pero pal' sexo es atrevida, yo sé

Anary Bruni

she sounds asian

Lady Bandit

I knew there was no way she could come up with something as complex as this 😂 makes sense now knowing the people from black mirror helped.


I think this one is the best one out of the three because it has obvious parallels to vaping and the affects of advertising

Well, what exactly do you expect when you download a dating app strictly meant for 18+??

Todos tus vídeos son súper chulos


Detriot become human vibes


That ending

Princemarvince Boa


Jaebian Jassaurat

Coby is my favourite

Chris Bier

I think this was the first fist bump and noggin!

La Cueva

Half way through the video I realized you are FUCKING TALKING!!! :DD Keep that up, it's so much better!!!

Biggie Cheese

Who’s watching this in 2103


Max was right %100


Can anyone tell me what the actual song is being played at 3:51?

jacob wynns

when she said "wow that worked not at all"

Seiko is Holly

I feel the same way with my long distance girlfriend. Though if something like this happened, i would be extremely devastated. I hope all goes well for you. 💕

ahmed fandies


Filip Ristic

This game is STILL not dead? wow 😮

Mr. Die

I dont know why but some people are afraid of mental hospitals..There was nothing to be afraid of..Some how movies make it look sooooo terrible. Hospitals are meant to help people with deppresion,self harm,traumatic experince and other stuff.. It kinda makes me sad the fact some people say humans in mental hospitals are freaks

Kendra Bernot

Also on a side note I miss sam he’s my fav

Unicorn 1 M

The comment section is toxic so I’ll shed some light; roses are red violets are blue I’m a nice person and so are you(don’t call me out ik I’m copying people 🤣🤣)


Nice work man, glad to have you back

Андроид Эплович

Это точно не ультрачеикий монтаж?

Zane Kaiser

so i was outside my house and i heard a gunshot it turnes out my uncle was shoting a sine that sead you are next ty

George Miller

feminist heaven


Sure our fake media uses it all the time, look at the anti Russian BS.

E Oleary

You mean shutting down a guy that haveny pkayed in weeks? Not gonna be that hard

Davon Michel

ASTRO!! lmao

thedots technologies

Which country will you blow up next and genocide innocent millions and millions for a heli because your own pilots are stupids

Robert Tanner

Dude Perfect you guys are so FREAKING AWESOME!

Thrumnal Toys

'Hollagram' !!

Chicken Permission

What movie is this?


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