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[Spiritual Development] POWER UP Your Sacred Psychic Heart Space Center

Are you now aligned with your heart and soul?How do you transmute negativity?How do you know you're on soul purpose?One of the most helpful things I know for whole, enriching restoring healing as well as psychic or intuitive empowerment is to get back to the heart center. Don't doubt it. If you're reading this, you have one. Energy follows thoughts. Energy follows focus. Because of this law of physics, we can make powerful shifts in our own ability and healing by deliberately deciding where to put our attention.Centering in the heart is something most of us forget to do because we are working and thinking in a left-brain logical reasoning mind culture.It's essential to do this regularly because it's a powerful spiritual self healing exercise. It is also a great tool to transmute emotions that no longer serve us. It's a powerful way to get out of victim consciousness. If you want to move from victim to victor, watch this and do the exercise here to get heart centered. Love your lungs. Love your breath. Love the flow and you will know.This video will support your own sacred heart center and the divine understanding that restores us through that amazing center of love.Blessings and JOY ~ Lisa ~If you enjoy this, please like, share or comment below. If you have questions, ask me. I read all of the replies and will respond. And if you want to learn more and get free training, find out how to develop your psychic ability at


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