Aha development

Stem Cells: Mending a broken heart?

Harvard stem cell researcher Kenneth Chien speaks about a cardiac stem cell discovery that may be the first step on the path to regenerating healthy heart muscle.

Mirosław Mrożnik

Could Frozen 2 be much less childish than the original?

Leah Linasan

How even that possible can we see the bloopers if there's a bloopers


Isn't 03:57 a reference to the old Nintendo game "Excite Bike" instead of "Super Mario Bros."? (You can clearly see the Motorcross bike on the right side)

braeden mack


I know this because my dad smokes :/

David Tryon

Just give me a hat if I make TY laugh

Thanks for the "Jump Scare" alert xD

whoever r ItS tHat dAnG pHonE

FarChak Sangma

việt nguyễn95

the song name

Tallon S

I love every little detail on how he edits these videos. They're not simple count downs but instead very different and almost artistic editing within the video that ranges from the music that plays, to the facts and acknowledgements that are given within the video. Great job, I hope the majority of the people can see how much work goes into these videos.

Maggie R

They said he was a redhead... why does he have brown hair? XD

Dan The God and ferry

Do a one on construction workers

Susheela Raju

Yes I knew it was checkers

Zack Thomas

After 4 years I have decided to take the $5 dollars

just Ali

I know it wasCheckers I got so angry I was saying it😂

Jihan Fathinuriza Zain

Honestly, I do like it, Lele! ❤❤❤

snow blossom

Its like the oppisite of deppression :V

Travis Boyce

Treilike. Yoy

Realms Definate

These guys are so lucky to use places like this

Jams for sale

The rage monster always gives me anxiety because I know how much money all of that stuff is going to be to fix

yoyoking NKM

The airplane boomberg is superb

cri benitez

You guys are the best



Edit I’m just kidding

DJ Womack

Yes! Trending!

Big Hat Gibbins

Ive found an easter egg in skyrim.. Go to solitude take all armor off and walk up to the little boy then he'll say:"naked! Naked,naked,naked!"

Ed Lima

Sou brasileiro e amei sou um grande fa do canal

Gandstar Playz



yo mum rude


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