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Shortcuts to Solve Quantitative Aptitude Problems Easily - FACE Prep

#MUSTWATCH - If you are preparing for placements or struggling with your aptitude/coding preparation for a job then spend 13 minutes to watch this. Only 2.5 lakh students get placed through campus placements out of 9.7 lakhs who are eligible for campus placements each year and when we conducted an extensive survey,76% of the unplaced candidates told us that that the single biggest thing they could have done better to improve their placements was starting their preparation early. To help candidates like you prepare for placements, we at FACE Prep have hosted a free guidance workshop - on How to Crack your Dream Job on Campus in Just 6 months.In this video, we will teach you how to solve quantitative aptitude problems easily. The techniques and shortcuts taught in this video will help you solve any problem asked in the online aptitude test round of any company's placement drive. These aptitude shortcuts will improve your calculation speed drastically and will help you save a lot of time during the aptitude tests.For free mock tests based on latest company patterns, aptitude concepts, and practice exercises, check out more such videos subscribe to our channel - forget to like comment and share our videos.

The simple Chanel

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Beth Halpain

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N2G Fangz

2018 anywone

Happy new year, Guru. Thank you for uploading such stunning content once every couple of weeks maximum for the past 12 months. Make 2017 just as great for this community as 2016 had been.


I love Spaceballs!

Random Chicken

5:54 ok i have to stop watching

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Tyler Durden

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H. E

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Is it just me or do those rock pillars look like the ones from BRAVE 🤔🤔

Alexander Hamilton

You ever heard of phones

Taeyun Kim

23 bounces, if you disagree, watch it in slow motion

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I love how every time Ethan and Grayson yell at each other emma just hides😂😂

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Gaming Sanesss

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Candida also causes vitamin deficiencies as it can prevent absorption of vitamin and minerals. Be sure to check for low Vit D and Zinc which also cause depression. Low ferritin (iron) can also be present, should be 80. Take Vit D drops with K2 , not tablets in the evening only. Feosol iron(the green one) and yellow dock to raise iron quick.

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Decent Piece of fiction

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How about a extreme badminton trick shot challenge? After all badminton is an Olympic sport! You guys up to the challenge?


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