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Sum 41 - Thanks for Nothing + Lyrics

the next lyricspls rate :)

Engi boi

"The adrenaline in my body was quickly by fear"

Newt The Maze Maker

When mom says go outside and get some exercise so you go out to a big stadium and just play video games on the big screen

Lil St3alth

4:53 “that would be a little bit too far” proceeds to destroy tv

Christy Coble

Is the sord real

Charles H Minnich

Garreat what's your favorite sport


스위치 팔았는데 이거 나오면 다시 사야겠다..


I lit a peice of magnesium on fire in class for a project..


Please tell me they actually play and did not just buy this for over 1000 each for 1 video.

Eleven 011

Who's Hyped for season 3?

Liam McNaught




Ted Clay

Can YOU spot the different emoji??😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😕😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐Like if you found it

Erik Hedberg Karlsson

This stresses me out

Kevin Evans

Dude perfect are fuc*ing wizzards

Mind of your support


For his ring tone at 0:00 it’s the alarm noise when it finishes 😂

Selena Hufford

I don't like this girl's attitude . But i do feel bad for her , her life seems to sucks . I hope my adult years don't turn out like this.

Cringe Kween:3

I think that because you swallowed your nails that may have effected her stomach because when you’re pregnant everything you eat goes to the baby’s stomach and I think that when you swallowed your nails it went inside of her and when you eat your nails it’s really unhealthy for your stomach and the nails are the dirtiest parts of your hands and it has a lot of bacteria and that can cause the death of your baby girl


Thats how I like the Rage Monster

N. Justus

I love the alley oop

Michael Birk


Melissa Lycan

A few kids started insulting one of my friends, calling her fat and ugly. Therefore I got mad. These butts dared to insult my friend in front of like 4 more of us. I started walking up to then and they started running. We all chased them and then we ended up cornering them and warning then that if they ever did it again we would report them to the school principal. Happened 4 days ago. Still waiting for them to try again so we can figuratively murder them.

RaNdOm ThInGs :3

Why does eveyrone think i'm weird tho...-.

#Youtube #Hashtag

Congrats Garret!

My social studies teacher is nice but she never experiments in her classroom. We mostly read out of a textbook which is underwhelming and I find it boring. My science teacher is the same way but I dislike her more. She has the type of voice that doesn’t change with emotion. When she’s mad at us she sounds the same as when she’s happy with us or when she’s disappointed in us. She is VERY repetitive which for me is annoying.

Pixel gun3d 69

I cried watching this


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