Aha development

Supporting Children and Adolescents with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

This brief, realistic job preview video will allow you to learn more about the job expectations, challenges and positive experiences you may encounter as a Direct Support Professional at Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health, specifically supporting children and adolescents with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

3xpired Gaming

Get Bobby baby shark doo doo doo doo doo doo

Sienna W.

Why do the drawings look like wiki how pictures?

the damn train

I wish i had some female friends too in my age

Carlos Hernandez

Team Red! 😱😭

Captain Trips

I’m pretty sure people didn’t say she wouldn’t be successful for no reason, like you must’ve been lazy for a long time

Jordan Johnson

who else thought she meant that her family ate junk food when you clicked? 😆

simeon harris

Every time kuz says dope take a shot

Jennifer Carter

I hate you stupid ty


Hey Mat pat, you should make a theory about "The Banana Split Show" (Some useful links u might need)

uno a caso

You 're a genius

Diallo Presley

Un Nerf the deagel pls

Mr. lombalomba

Why would u do that >:(

Harri Elmer

It's real and everyone got over the controversy like two years ago. I came here to see if there were any freaks left who still didn't believe it. If you can't do it for yourself, don't bash it. They've done shots far better than this now anyway so it's not a huge deal anymore.


I like how these ASMR scenes are natural and not forced. I LOVE It!

zheel :p

this story lost me real quick/ bad title too

Martin kem

In 2:24 the skeleton is actually sans from undertale

Shark RL

Pause at 3:06 it's epic

Vinicius 021


Liberty Mahon

Oh no Cody look an accident I think we might some traffic cones

Croix Xx

I løve m u vibes


When Gar hit the ball in the water it looked like he was aiming directly at it

Cristian Fernandez

this is asom

G Midas

Only for 5 small payments of $1000

Clayton Houston

watched so many jumpscare easter egg videos, ty for the warning <3

Romeo Rodriguez

you ever wonder how much money they have, bc they have more subs than a company does (WWE)

yeahno Nothing to see here

hold on... did he commit suicide?

Danis Lietuva

Omg! Cool tricks!😱😱😱

Diamond Tornado

Go through a tp roll then go through a washer then hit a bullseye

Rebecca Brown

This made me cry

Brian Conuel

The doctor was more right then he knew

Ke'shunna Bolden

Bruh why they do this to me😩😍not only I’m obsessed with Chris Brown and Drake, now the song😭🤤

Benjamin Garrett

I'm watching in 2018 almost 2019 and yes, COBY WILL WIN!!

peypey -.-

hasn’t this happened to every one???? bruh

Oh, ain't that somethin'?

Kylie Wolf

Are you guys left-handed??? You did a left-handed cartwheel!

Beth Halpain

Lol...no sale of merch....lol


my favorite tailgate shot was the hockey one


4:45 what game sorry if it told me it and I didn't read it.


That was simons voice from the yogscast HOW DO YOU NOT KNOW THE YOGSCAST?!??!

Dragon city Player

How do you remember this? so which personality do you store this in but great vid🙃



May Athena

Bitches. Poor Mary.

Kainoa Fonseca

I’m Hawaiian.... don’t you ever disrespect spam like that again!



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