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GAME SINS | Everything Wrong With Rise Of The Tomb Raider

Game Sins started With 2013's Tomb Raider, so sinning Rise of The Tomb Raider was a no brainer. However, I probably could have saved myself a lot of time by just reuploading my original Tomb Raider video, as the plot is almost the exact same. Here's GAME SINS | Everything Wrong With Rise of the Tomb Raider.Follow me on Twitch: my Discord: if you did.Subscribe for more.Vote for the next game.Follow me on Twitch: by Cinema Sins:

Lucos Nushi

I'm Thai, everything she says I can relate


1:05 I've done that.... Like if u have too, I KNOW U HAVE

poprocks idk

i have OCD too. i feel u😰😥😓

Ian Tetley

Damn they had the 97’s in my size i wish I got them a year ago

Suraj Meher

Jay Pubg

Bella Friedman

chris paul dint have fun at all i could tell because he dint selbrat


How Many People’s Recommended this is in👇👇

Leigh_ Anne

guess I'm an avoidant one

Ana Jankovic

2:42 "..h-he got a hOt pOCkEt!!" 😂😂😂

Edgar Guzman

Hamz fake

j-hopes sprite

He bully

Samantha Bacon




Do a Shot off of a huge rollercoaster!


I love jump street I live in danger txt


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