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The Biggest and Best Movie Explosions part 14

Another episode with big movie explosions. This time i went back to the '90's en 80's. Sorry for the bad audio.in order op appearance: Action Jackson,The Best of the Best 2, Dark Angel, The Punisher, Hollow Point, Kuffs, The Perfect Weapon, Raw Deal, Ricochet, The Assignment, The Final Cut. Have fun!All Rights reserved to the Studio's

Jasean Mobley

The Jordan dunk


Baseball trick shots plz!

Jack Gholson

birthday stereotypes

yorboiibutterbiscuts thomson

Ps you guys have helped me throu my depression and I'm no longer sad you guys show me how to life life funny

Artie Malanum

That “Get Ready” was directed to the fan base So fake and dumb. Are you mad??? I’m sorry but that is definitely fake.

Fabio Reche

Love from spain keep up the videos <3


Yay! French :3

TheGirlWhoKnows Everything

I've seen bad parents like these. And I have been through one, but she can't bring me down ;)

Raphaël Maalouf

Team cory!!!!

The four randoms Danny,Erik,Hayden and Harper

There was 15 truck shots in the video there was 5 guys doing shots, so pool 3 confirmed.😀😂

New e seus neguinhos

yo, nice test


that teaser at the end :D

Oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah yeah yeah yeah Gahan

I’m the kind of player that has no idea what I’m doing because I play soccer


cool !

Jackson Ross

there might be an easter egg having to do with the bobble heads... every time you destroy one of them glowing blue mist comes out. Try that!

Jake Hayes

I think cody and his dad are most alike


Somebody is going to say ”where’s fortnite”


Dude perfect does take a lot of time or are u guys just that good

Yagiz Gorgun

cody haircut

Tanmay Shukla

All shot is my favourite


I love this video. Had some good laughs. Thanks Guru

Rino Rock

Moose nuts to rated r

Swee Kwang Tan

You should do hotel stereo tiles

Tolerating you.


Goodness, you just pick a perfect ending music!

Valter2008 és Dominik Valter2008 és AzEscobar

Thenks Ungarn Sprache

Alexander Reyes

You should do bowling 🎳 next

Meha Madan

I heard Gucci gang one time..

Maddy Madd

This must be why they been putting out bullshit for the last 10 years because this looks to be a combination of all the previous games in one

Tricky Goblin

2019? Anyone

Here’s a song I found that you might like btw, I played it at a campfire once and absolutely cherish that memory


You should do an easter egg video on PAIN for ps3. It's littered with tiny sexual references and easter eggs.

Wudchuk Squirl

I still didn't understand the "X" thing... Did it represent a sign they're going to die soon? I have seen that movie yet...

ranjith reddy

I am auto-draft guy 🤓

Dimitri Suggs



Is Chad even a guy

Moonlight Arianator

I also have anxiety and i deal with it All the time

Siguywehn Wehn

you guys are eipc

Маю Судзуки


Majane Simon

the next film should be tetherball

So the girl looks like the main character from the book amulet, the mom looks like the mom, and the little brother looks like the brother from the book and there also in a car and it crashed! Ik it’s prob not s reference



man hei kwok

0:36 Link only looks at Zelda when she is reading from the wall ...

Lil Ched

Video Reccomendation - (yes I know I spelled it wrong) show a bunch of pitches on blitzball/baseball/wiffleball

Sanaa 1257

Boi all you had to do was to wake her up was get in your car and honk simple

Music 4life

Lmao, I'm the depressed paul~ but my bf is the secure one~ KSKSKS

Jeet bnb344 pj

And she's somoking so of course she will die



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