Aha development

The First Two Years: The Social World Chapter 4 PS 223B

An educational lecture from Invitation to the Lifespan 3rd edition by Berger with commentary.

Power Pro

I do this in fortnite 2:46


Where is that place?

Darius Bondac


Crazy art with Alexa Lund

Notice how all the ones that are good Ty is in

and why didn't you add "DoomGuy Brofist" ?

Veronica Gonzalez

I think Panda should show his face

Mohammed - Khaled A. Magadam

OUCH right in the groin

Phillip Parra

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the play button is broken

Matthew Chamberlain

10:55 Dude dude dude


i am confusion!


Happy birthday Marbles! We love you very much


story: when my mom went into labor, the nurse was literally asleep. they couldn’t find a doctor, so the nurse told my mom to try to hold me in. well, that didn’t go well

Allison McCarron

And now when she deleted her account it was an iPhone X

st marine


Braeden Wright

Poor anwar


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