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Thelonious Monk, Brilliant Corners (1956)

Hay pocos compositores que puedan presumir de la originalidad del pianista Thelonious Monk puesto que nos encontramos ante uno de los padres del Bebop. Hablar de su música es muy difícil puesto que creo que ni él mismo podría explicarla con meras palabras. Lo mejor es dejar llevarse por su encanto.Temas1. Brilliant Corners (00:00)2. Ba-lue Bolivar Ba-lues-are (07:45)3. Pannonica (20:54)4. I Surrender, Dear (29:44)5. Bemsha Swing (35:12)MusicosThelonious Monk (piano, celesta)Ernie Henry (saxo alto)Sonny Rollins (saxo tenor)Paul Chambers, Oscar Pettiford (contrabajo doble)Max Roach (batería, timbales)Clark Terry (trompeta)

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I love how Jenna is acting like a reality show in a nutshell


Christina Tsimpidi

congratulations dude perfect

Lexi Nogueira

Brian:get me out of this I’m claustrophobic

jardan kaponi


Milan Electron


Tleps Sdrawkcab

Ah, yes. The Xbox One X Two

maria fernanda diaz capacho


I'm Zoha and today I'm gonna share a story to you. This story is about my ex-bestfriend.She was the most beautiful and person in family. She and I both live in London. Now I have shifted to another country. They were three sisters. There family consists of five people her parent ,she and both of her naughty sisters the elder one was name Jaculine her name was Jennifer and the most smallest one was named Jasmine. At that time both of us was 10. She mostly comes to my house and say that she is all alone she don't have any sister. She mostly tell me That her sisters don't like her and that they might not be her sisters. Once , she was alone at home and someone knocked at the door , it was he sisters when she found no one she was continuously calling that "Is someone there" and suddenly someone locked the door from inside. She had to spent the night outside in the backyard. A night before hesisters were telling her that there os a ghost in her backyard so it was definitely them. She was crying with tears and ran to my house tell me each and everything and i asked her to sleep at my house that night. If their parents were at home both of her nasty sisters could never do this to her but they were in the hospital as her mother was sick. As time passes, she realized that both of her sisters was jealous of her because she was the one in her family who got the most of the love from their parents. Finally, when it was the day when their father arrived from hospital she heard the news that her mother were being more and more sick. Both of her sisters were so scary because they thought that she would have tell everything to her father but she didn't she don't want to make her father more and more upset. Than all three of the sisters decide to be best friends and that was the best moment of Jennifer's life. This was the last happiest moment of here life. After 10-15 days her mother was alright she fight through breast cancer or a heart disease I didn't remember the disease because it's too much time. She wanted to surprised her husband, Jenny's father , she thought he would be happy to see her but she was wrong. When she entered the house it was almost midnight she heard someone laughing a girl and her husband as she entered the room she began to shout and cry cause she saw her husband's second wife. She told her to her daughter's. His second wife bring his son with her who was a kind gentleman named Winget but the woman was horrible. Jenny's mother could not handle this at all. She loves her husband and decided to kill her self. After some days, she said her daughter's that she was going to take a bath and after five hours Jaculine knocked the door again and again and no one was answering she opened the door with the main keys. She saw her dead with a bottle of poison. Her father first cried but after sometime her father forget her. Jennifer's step mother started to be good and caring with her finally maybe because her husband alsdied after sometime . Now a lot of years have passed Jennifer is in love with Winget and is going to marry her. Jennifer asked me to comment this as her awful life story so I do so. I hope she live a happily life with Winget. Yah, I'm still in contact with her even though we are not in the same city now. Bye. I hope you like Jennifer's life story .

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0:28 thanos infinity stones

skyler the luna fox

Dont try this at home

Christine A

Panda is so awsome

Many easteregg

Sarah Xaidi

Were those pillars the same ones from brave????????????

....den it's not ur fault 🤨

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Can you subscribe me please, search Advik Panigrahi

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Faz um filme de vcs

José Antonio Hernandez Jasso

Another scene that fills me with ASMR is in Order of the Phoenix, when the DA arrives at the ministry of magic and Lucius appears, explaining Harry why he's the only one who can retrieve the prophecy. Jason Isaac's voice is wonderful

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I come from Vietnam . Sign up for channels to help me

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R.I.P. Diamond 💎💎💎💎 she truly was a diamond

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Are you thinking about going back to your roots and doing an amazing basketball trickshots


I feel bad for KD. The fans need to humble themselves.

Darth Geist

It's a...prettier version of a game we've had for years now...well, that was a waste of time.

Happy Lucky

Are you gods!?

Jeremy Dreyer

2019 anyone??

emma chamberlain: 👁👄👁

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Cody why is she killed cow


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