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The Magic of Butterfly Scales - Part 1 - Smarter Every Day 104

Downloading a free audio book helps me make videos:info! ⇊Click below for more links!⇊If you want the photos for your desktop or phone background please stop by the Smarter Every Day Facebook page.Consider liking the page if, in fact, you find that you like it.Click to get backgrounds:"Butterfly Rough" by A Shell In The Pit.You know Gordon's music by now.It's all good.sure to visit Linden's Flickr Page!Letters by the legendary Kjell Sandved.He gave me "Smarter Every Day" for free when he found out what I was doing!purchased $65 worth of beautiful butterflies Ianni.They were very professional and easy to work with.Their website is great.I recommend working with them.They got me some really good specimens in a timely manner.you remember Mr. John the butterfly farmer from Episode 96, He gave me the sunset moth!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~GET SMARTER SECTIONTake a moment to read about butterfly scalesis the microscope I boughtStackingideas to me @SmarterEveryDayIf you're an awesome person and really liked the video, feel free to pitch a few dollars towards their college fund by clicking here:Regards,Destin


expesive girl......... ;) yall armys should know.

Nhat-Ha Nguyen Animates

I'm Vietnamese 🙃

Logan Riddle

Travisvs Antonio brown

Day 3: normal flow, cramps,but way less than the other two days

Brianna Denaro

I got the BananaJo one, but not the one where Gumball "blows someone in the bathroom" at first. It all makes sense now XD

Devon Paz

I golf a really fun sport only time I played golf is on gta5

Fan4ik NDN

казактар барма

Adam Biniyam

lol that sounds important

RebelliousBeanie !

weird flex but ok

Reese Sanchez

0:08 Wait that's illegal

carolina 320

Someone plis tell me how can I found more videos like this: 8:13

Stephen Rey

Thank you mittens, for that wonderfull poem 😸🐱🐈👌💗

DanielYT Vo

Well I’m in 2019 wow look at there hair

Andy Garrido

BioShock Infinite one: Creepy in an awesome way.

Dove Bird


Nibedita Das

Can you see that Windows 7 stuck on updates : ).

Zoe March

Shoot him

While other youtubers ..

4767 OG

CLICK LINK https://youtu.be/7_4AsJBRx4I

Josie Annette

I’m very anxious. I get rejected constantly, so I seem very much like the anxious type.


New Creation

I love Tyler

Jose Soriano

i wouldve laffed if you let go of the "golf stick" and hit someone


Your mother died alone, in pain, and afraid. Nice to know that the mother was dying a horrible death

Cha Chot

U make me cry

Nelson Fasavalu

yo creepy dadin the background recording in bitter fans when ty jumps on Cody

Jerry Gamez



Ho watch in 2019


Rainbow r9


ѕolαcє ѕρrιng ツ

If I date,I wouldn't really care about the looks,I would care about their personality like as like as they have a good heart c:

(Btw this is a joke don’t take it seriously plz)

Colourfast Tablet01

High to low low to high


i thought they were poking fun at that lady who broke a scale

Torai Takenawa

So that horse is the Nokk the water spirit in the Scandinavian folklore??? The Nokk idea is amazing and beautiful and gets me more excited.

Shafiqa Hassan






this sounds like a wattpad story

Oof bish :3

1. Quit your job

Pikachu gaming

Dyl Pickle

Farting lamas

Heemskerk Accounting

whatdoes dude perfect do. ..chick shots

Lisa Garrett

Steven a shit need to shut tf up. Tired of him thinking he knows who's best.



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