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The Mammalian Heart & Cardiac Cycle

Revision video for AQA AS Biology Unit 1 - Biology & Disease.In this video, we look at the Heart; it's structure and the importance of valves. We also look at the cardiac cycle; along with the role of the nodes.This is a difficult topic; and it's quite an intense video, so it might be worth viewing this in stages.

krati parashar

Team Coby!!!!!

Aalo Chatterjee


âishaa _



I always did wonder what the teddy bears ment through out the cod series. I feel kinda bad for shooting them when I see them now...

janna choudhury

When does new episode 6 start can anyone tell me

Andrei Ioan

alcohole is more dense than water

lisa littlewolf

dude i would love if someone at my school Russian!

gonna and say 0h n0 YoUr sO sKInnY!1!1!1.

Marie Mewpop

Some of us are gonna suffer cuz we don't have a switch


These portals used to be in quake too ;)

Sammeh tB

Why? :)

Natokov Francis

dude i waiting for you every since day :(((

Vraj Amin

Not to be mean Garrett, Cody, and Cory. Tyler and Coby you ma favorite!!!! Sorry to be mean

Bobs Bigboys

minecraft isnt a indie game just sayin

HintOf TheGinge

that halo odst   destiny reference was awesome. i mean that is great secret by bungie there lol

caT ube

4:36 panda face reveal


So this is practically a reverse uno card shaped as a bottle


The controller is off.

Deetrenches VEVO



Fucking love Pixar!


The Just Cause devs were all for memes, weren't they...

Angler Aedan Fishing

Bow buckets


is there a code for pc ?

michaela burkhardt

Garrett actually has Hair YAAAAAA!!!

Ben Daniels

Who ever put a dislike is crazy



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