Aha development

@Theovlogy #58 - "Teologi dan Kematian Allah"

Fuck Reality

Kylie is sooooo sweet

Trips that you plan for the next whole week

akmal rosli

cant stop laughing

xd chenQuintin

When you guys can’t actually dunk so you use trampoline

Gina Rose

i can't stop looking at the panda


it's going to get faulted so quickly


i was on round 21, and the excavators cut off both paths so that when i teleported i was trapped and couldnt get to the hacker :(

at home my mom does not hit my but she hurt by words at home I stay in my room intill my mom tell me to clean the hole house The russian "r" gives me more tingles than the english one.

Jose Ramon Martinez Morales

Great vídeo again!!! Also happy holidays for you and greetings from Mexico


I’m one of those girls who always fight with boys and gets attention by boys,a bunch of boys like me oof thats y I’m starting to stop fighting but I still fight with boys and hangout with girls and boys

Camden XP

The best dancer is panda

XxZacharyxX -Roblox

Deez never tus

TARDIS MAN 111111111

Ohh Gloria.


i really miss you man

Amber van der Linde

this is cool

james legoman59 ratismean

So I'm guessing this is what waterproof flares are made from?

G Squared

Sue for defamation and the guy would be responsible to take down any image online


Ah, Dishonored... I liked this game a lot, but it always seemed, in a word, asymptotic. I wanted to love it, but it was the little things that kept getting in the way. Things like, guards seeing me through walls, or seeing me through bushes, and just a visual perception that was wildly inaccurate.


wonder wha happens when you chase the ice cream van

Suani Avila

I’m watching from the future!2018!


When work people can’t stop focusing on the bracket

Bob Bobber

How in the world is this vid a battle

IDo Things

U ran out of ideas when u made this video

Peter Taylor

I really admire the way you make videos Fuwigu, you are amazing dude, keep it up!!

Hannah Yoder

Atlanta Braves


Technically, the T-rex is not a easter egg, because you get a achievement for it.

Mina Cloud

Ihop vs Dennys!!!

bailey laughlin

People can be cruel sometimes...I know...If I went to the school I would have stand up to them I would have been friends

Ken Pooch

To many dbz games if we are going to make another please let this one be open world.

Fortnite Gaming

I agree to fly 10 mph




Do u remember when roomie called jaiden selfish

Moist .mp4

first of all i havent watched the whole vid yet so no hate please !

Andrew Martire

Which dude would win in a 5 player battle in smash ultimate, and everytime you lose a stock, something vison blinding happens.(tryna bring back games with consequences)

Andi Losch

you all should do a Lacrosse trick shot video your AWOSOME🐼🐼 or volleyball.

Annashae Ingram

my period is late & im 13 but last month it came on the right time as the month before but this month im 2 days late 😰

Sister cut

Boi The finger

Usually I thought this was going to be another cheap insagram youtube videos, but I was wrong it turned out to be a really good film. Keep up the good work!

Oliva Carranza

what's the place where you I'm play with the squares that they're soft

Me:(pulls out my BB gun and gets a knife) let's dance

Felix Baughn

team COBY

Seriously stupid

I hate teachers do NOTHING


This was the first Dude Perfect video I ever saw.

Luiz Fernando Biscaro Correa

The red snapper had theeth



Chris Benjamin

Secret is out how She got rich, you won’t believe it! http://www.automatedpicks.com

Jonathan Granados

That girls is so my grandma

Aracely Gonzalez

The first one

Jonathan tawadrous



Before 1 mill views gang 🔥 🔥 🔥



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