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The Tragedy of Helioskrill (Halo)

This is the Tragedy of the Helioskrill armor in Halo 5. Prepare yourselves. Video in 4K60FPS on Xbox One X.Get One Free Halo Audio-book FOR FREE Using this link! - MERCHANDISE - - Creator - Luke TheNotable Business inquires = Lukethenotable@hotmail.comEditor - TorsArt - MH Art and Design Screenshots from @Primordial117@Masterj2001@GoldenFOTUS

super cyndaquil


Aidan Berry

pea shooter in this game = battlefield knew about pvz garden warfare?

Artie II

Don't stop making these videos man, I love being curious about games and movies. It makes them interesting. But you should post videos more, recently? Plz?


i did watch the waterproof fire vid but it is strange to see you without a beard xd

Kaylin Davis

1 punch to the gym teacher

SuperBoy Steals yo Bleach

I love when you end a video with a song that gives nostalgia to a memorable song


Who would dislike these videos

Sunny Zaied

For the glass he used a credit card.


well, the last one is creepy, I wonder does rockstar planned to put that husband in game as DLC?

Nhat Nam Dao

very angery, much fake

Isaiah Means

the loud eater

Wig Dungus

This long and even in gen 9 they don’t make pokemon cry their names in gameplay

Philippe Gaming

For all the guys wondering, it actually was the second try when they hit it from the plane! isnt that amazing?! first was like 44feet away or something

Dirk Dirkinson

u can see the resistant struggle of pain on leonardo's face

Jay M

I love my living and breathing antidepressant he gets me to actually get up an do things instead of staying in bed. My psychiatrist suggested that I get a pet of some sort which, at first, I believed was absurd. How can getting a pet help with my depression? In the end getting a dog helped me a ton because they require a lot of responsibility and care that I have no choice but to get up and move from my very comfy tempting bed. He's my best friend and I don't know what I would do without him.




as soon as I see the title 1% : Anything

Oufuoroyroyr Hffdfhfy

Who like dued perfect hit like

Josie McCoy

What the heck why is this so sad I am balling right now

Foxys Studio Boi

Noo smoking nooo

DashLight Rocket YT

4:10, Pause on 4:10,That’s LIGHTNING!! ____________

Floarox _shqne

Slime has left the chat

Creamyreemy 1

Aweeee blesss u gorgeous I rlly want to meet u sweetheart xx




Kimberly Besa

His smile is so contagious 👏👏 . You surely leave amazing footprints Joseph Allen ! I know your name man! 💞 #PH

DrawingStar Doodler

Are they seriously bleeping out the word 'bullying'?

me: searching on google a coach

Tassy The TasmainianDevil

I am so tired of tyler winning plss give chance to others like coby

Hilary McKenzie

I’m so sorry

Everyone watching: *facepalm*


Over all the game is beautiful to look at. I’m little disappointed that there is not a a lot of cutting off limbs if any from what I see in the demo. That kinda seems missed. The tactile gameplay is great not just a hack and slash. Makes you take caution and think. I just hope the story is intriguing and keeps you wanting more cause that’s what this game will need. Other than that I’m pretty excited for the game I hope it’s good.

Nikhil Gupta

This is how much we are busy and lost in exams🤣🤣🤣

Vivien Ali


Houston Fan

Your channel is awesome

cobalt geo

i cant wait for the xbox two

Me, an enlightened centrist chad: I don't care about supporting LGBTQBBQPTFIA nonsense. Just do whatever you want and stop pestering me.


Other easter egg when you play with ball in the costume shop play with it and a ta

Sebastian m

Only ten months! Preorder now!

Juan Fernandez

Es un juego de ps3??

Dog Lover

yep, I’m staying a virgin forever!

Nabil Kramer

is the music copyrighted??

Connor Blackstone

Can you pleas do a revel of who panda is

Aaron Emmanuel

Ok... What did the twins do other than be there and act excited??

Paige Bebout

How did u guys meet???

Mardeliez Cuajotor

So much fun

Aimee Lucenta


Γιωτα Λεκκα

I actually dont now if i am depressed....i started feeling like that a month ago....i had 4 times panic attack i my school and i cry a lot....for eveything that happens to my life i depressed?

panggop jio

#35 on trends😍😍🔥




11:15 you're *

justmario - travelvlogs

I started crying and clapping during this video. Shared a ton of times!

Peyton Dodson

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