Aha development



Um can I get a grande vanilla bean frappé with Carmel please yes Kaleb with a k ok thank you............. Wait this is spelled kayleb WTF


lol 1:27 "in a draw"

But it’s a boys and the stuff gets thrown away ....... after the stuff gets trown away he has a girl and what a waste of useful babay stuff

Common sense: chill and ignore the person..

Devin Chambers

Skip did you see the double team the tripple team the whole damn team guarding stelph. He still the best player on the planets


i realized that when a bugs life where it shows the pizza truck and the trailer is the same place in monsters ink 1 even the trailer :o so what if on monsters ink one theres another angle where u can see the other side and if the camp tent is still there?

liang koon khei


924th comment

cosmo arts

Im sugga baby the real suger baby

Cadence Reid

If you were to shoot Bigfoot in the beginning, he would yell and Michael would say sorry, as if he were a person. He is most likely the guy in the costume at the end of the story mode.

Paramjit Kaur


yağmur uyusan mı artık ?

Merhaba, Türkçe altyazı gelmesini çok istiyorum. Videolarınız ilgi çekici ama bir Türk olarak İngilizce pek anlayamıyorum. Şimdiden teşekkürler.

-Odds are by the barenaked ladies

Garrett McFarlin

I want to see a video game stereotype

I haven’t been diagnosed with anxiety

Kia K. Jarmon

I'm Becky with the long hair, who is not ready at all for a relationship but also wants the perks of a relationship


who tf spells brian with a y??

Billus Melon

no way you can have a spooktastic video without the dread playing in the background

Dude perfect: Yes


So basically be happy and you won't do drugs

The One

Schizophrenia and Biopolar and Anxiety

Foxy Plays

Plot twist it was the dad asking for a second chance

chicky feet

I can’t wait for 2020

Alexander Graham Bell vs Henry Ford

Abby Harris

15:33 that’s a piece of pork that looks like a cinnamon roll


“Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone”

Ben Gregory



i put in milk BEFORE the cereal

Leslie Harvey

dude to 888111

Viliam Beňa

I mean I was one of those which said I'm gonna be happy when I'm gonna pass this milestone muscles , money , car , lifestyle and this and this and this , then I've got into accident as 23 year old and almost died in hospital . The saddest thing in my head was how I wasted my time and what I wanted to do and feel the moment and don't care about any negativity at all. I've got second change and survived don't waste your time ..

Faheem I Arain

Wheres cody

Plater D: Tortera


Well im pretty sure we dont compare ourself to animals tho

Beth Halpain

I love the snow angel makings in the turf!!!


Both games series are also made by the same company, so I think they're allowed to steal names from one game to another..

Top Snek

Who conflates hysteria with nymphomania? Ive never even heard of anyone doing that before.



Aaron Rodgers = goat

Alex Mercer

Could someone tell me what talos principle is about?

Xavier Old-Orchard

Rodrico is my fav

Keaton Scott

Don’t wear green garret

This is ̶ ̶a̶l̶3̶6̶9̶9̶..GOOGLE'S CHANNEL

love GTA V


There is an achivement called "Tis but a flesh wound" which clearly is from Monty Python

Blazing Shivz

Damn. Every like is a prayer sent to the family of this incident.

Rig Mathur

2:16 is after I get crossed up on a blacktop at schoolOOOOOOOOOFFFFFFFFFfffff

Shucks Delwas

A lot of the Cremaster Series by Matthew Barney is very ASMR-like. Especially in #3, there is a scene with a kitten and a piece of string slowly rubbing against a metal rod. Just sayin.'


6:07 I thought someone was just vaping

Rishi Parekh


Katie Marigold

Damn, Jake. What a sociopath.


The guy talking @ 1:12 is PANDA (A.K.A Sean)

Sky 201

my life is simple. I graduated and now working in a gold mine, everyone called me a gold digger

Endanger The Panda

So are we all just going to ignore what the characters looked like in lfd2


Why is there a tile with the number 3 in the last easter egg? Are they taunting us?

Josiah Hill



The music in this was honestly awesome

Andrew Junki Cho

At 2:17 he misses the hoop

Meme Man

Actually, in World at War, it needs only three puddles to unlock the Ray Gun


If they were black, it wouldn't be Epic trick shots, it would be Epic DUNK tricks. :P lol


10:40 Coby how's your head is it okay from Cody's elbow


No just give Tyler the win


dat panda though

Doni Gashi

hahahahahah god jon

Elf from north

Song 7:36?

Milazzo el tipazo

¿Whats a song?



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