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I bet you couldn't do that with a ball magnet :P

Gabby Gail

So ur dad that abused u is now protecting u????? -._-.

Cause they can’t hit a home run!

Barnyard Teens

I don't get the justice league one.....


When are you guys going to release the insta-win bottle


Rebecca Santellan

But the teachers are teachers you can't tell someone they are going to be unsuccessful when you are a teacher



AJA Ryan1994

In banjo-tooie, when bottles gets killed by Grunty at the start of the game, kazooie says 'he wasn't the most popular character in the first game anyway' haha.

Ressa Ressa

macks a great team


Someone came here cuz brightside?


The picture tho

Shawtyyy Saraya

i think i have both if that’s possible. :(

Jamie Griggs


Lutz Kleinschmidt

Please make a best of fails


I freaked out after the “hold on” without the “face wipe”...good saved Sam


I agree with that guy I'm a Oklahoma City thunder fanI would like it if Kevin Durant tocome back so If you don't than just screw you and somebody said on YouTube that Kevin Durant doesn't win with any team and you choked and Kevin Durant youst to be my favorite player so F off you bitch .

Merpp :P

I could hear her crying

Monster jam Zachary Allen

You should do lebron James

Aaliyah Farooq

This story relates too close to home


2:21 i seriously thought it was a regular show easter eggs...

Gabriel Godinho

Que merda, parece jogo de play 2

Biggie Cheese

Who’s watching this in 2103

Drake Bowman

The spoiler

Emmanuel Huazo

I like it! <3

Marques Mogg

They say she fat but when the creator made her she look fine


this is my dream

Amaya Pugh

Toby can I Get the thing that you had on your arm in basketball stereo types

brad welborn

quit being a rage monster

Angela Snow

High to ligh


Is it just me or does black widow look a bit like princess Fiona when she was human from Shrek?

The 2 Unicorns!!

i watched this on halloween after getting candy ummmmmmm helpli

Singalong Monkey

Sounds dangerous

Thy Savage

what about the batman easter egg

Michael Francis

Yo if u guys like hockey vids go check out my latest video

Anne Scharff

When you try to say run, you say round lol x)


It's pretty simple. Kerr is being out coached. The warriors look confused on the court and the offense looks out of sync. Steph needs to make shots period. That's how Golden State wins by simply bullying you offensively.

Sara Anne

Oof - at the end, when he is talking to the girl inside, I couldn’t hold it together - started crying. It’s wonderful that she got a chance to feel the happiness, but so sad that she feels it can’t be her reality.


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