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The Policymaking Process Part One

Part One of Two of Policymaking Process video for PLS 101

Phat Tea

what she said at the end.. it hit me hard.

Weirdest_Of_Them_All Ewno

5:26 oh shit he sounds like makoto and komaru

Lauren Collins

This feels a tad wrong. You should not have to think "what if these photos get leaked, because it's your body we're talking about, and you should be able to do whatever the hell you want. Why don't we start teaching people LEAKING private pictures is wrong and bad and hurtful and you could be sued? Why is it that once your body is in a picture, people feel like it is not yours anymore? When these kind of things happen, it is the leaker who needs to be shamed. Parents, let your children know they're safe with you and they need to tell you those kinds of things, let them know it is not thier fault... Please.


wooohhh wooohhh naaah naaahh

Dravein SWGOH

Tyler is the best wooo

Chris Crum

im CC!!! my middle name's Erik! im a vegitarian and have been since the year 2012! im still advertised in against and for ABSOLUTELY ENTIRELY EVERYTHING!!! im CC!!!

Yogesh Yogi

What a life you guys are living......Lete join you.......


what is wrong with the fucking unicorn horse da hell

Neko Purrfect

It’s Don!! The promised Neverland

my account name is TTV_SheaMOOS or SheaMOOS1

Vinod Sangwan

DP will never fail tyler

Kexik Official

Dude, that's perfect :D

Rain TriAbe

I hope this is the one of Mr. Ainoma said one of his interview that he wants to make a Zelda game that Zelda is a/the playable character, I saw her gloves it might be her shekah/ninja battle armor underneath her clothes idk but I’m hoping

Chiara Mastrodonato

Wow...incredible...this video is really useful! Thank youu!

E. Anderson

Lol Peter a dumbass bruh😂

sydney ratter

oh no the pandas head


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